Windows 10: Free Upgrade, Features and PerfectDisk

Windows 10: Free Upgrade, Features and PerfectDisk

Windows 10 is going to be free for some lucky Windows PC and Windows Phone users running Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and/or Windows Phone 8.1 on their devices in the first year after its launch. Optimize Your Windows Hard Drive New Features in Windows 10

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Don’t Give Your Password to Jimmy Kimmel

With the most popular password in the United States being “Password123,” Jimmy Kimmel reminds us that we need to do a better job of protecting ourselves when it comes to online security: Lesson #1: Don’t use easy passwords that anyone can guess. Lesson #2: Don’t give your password to Jimmy Kimmel.

Google Reports Windows Vulnerability 2 Days Early

Google Reports Windows Vulnerability 2 Days Early

Sticking to its 90-day rule in disclosing known security vulnerabilities to the public as part of Project Zero, an initiative to help improve online security, Google announced a Windows 8.1 security flaw two days prior to Microsoft’s planned Patch Tuesday patch, angering Microsoft execs and putting the public at higher risk for security breaches for […]

Too Busy? 4 IT Tools for Taking Back Your Work Day

The word “busy” doesn’t even cut it when you consider all the work required to be completed by IT professionals before after business hours – to keep operations running smoothly from 9 to 5 (or whenever your business hours occur) – not to mention all the daily emergencies you encounter with less than tech-savvy employees, […]


63% Use the Same Password for Multiple Accounts

Hackers are getting smarter, web users are sticking to the status quo…and doing the unthinkable – logging into multiple accounts with the same password! Have we learned nothing in our cyber-insecure society? 63% of iPhone users and 62% of Android users use the same password for multiple accounts.

Managing Performance When Data Growth Runs Rampant

Data growth is outpacing storage solutions. According to the International Data Corporation’s (IDC) Worldwide Quarterly Disk Storage Systems Tracker, storage sales were up Y2Y in Q3 2014. As reported in StorageNewsletter: Total worldwide disk storage systems factory revenue grew 5.1% year over year to nearly $8.8 billion during 3Q14… Total disk storage systems capacity shipped […]

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The Role of The PC in a Mobile Device World

Last year I wrote a piece entitled Sorry Tablet: The PC is Not Going Anywhere Anytime Soon. A year later, evidence supports the idea that every device has its role – tablet, and smartphone and PC. As it turns out, tablets aren’t taking over as many claimed they would, in fact, tablet sales are down […]

PerfectAdmin Select Tool Apply Across Multiple Computers

NEW! PerfectAdmin Pro: Even More Centralized Administration

Back in 2013, Raxco launched centralized Windows management tools PerfectAdmin™ Remote Support and PerfectAdmin™ Remote Control. The Remote Control edition allows admins and helpdesk users to access and take control of client desktops from a remote console while the Remote Support edition allows admins to centrally manage network servers and PCs from a single console, […]

PerfectDisk 13 SP3 (Build 842) has been released

PerfectDisk 13 Service Pack 3 (Build 842) has been released, with updates fixing the SMART drive temperature, Hyper-V Host and Guest and XP issues in the PerfectDisk client and license pane and defrag monitoring pane issues in the console.

Big 4 Auditor's IT Dept. Reclaims 25TB SAN Space with PerfectStorage

How a Big 4 Auditing Firm’s IT Dept. Reclaimed 25TB SAN Space

The IT department for one of the Big 4 audit, tax and advisory services firms reclaimed 25TB of dead disk space with PerfectStorage‘s automated Smart Zero Fill storage space reclamation, analysis and reporting software, returning 3.5% of total space to their storage pool of 700TB thin-provisioned SAN – a huge savings for storage expenditures and […]

cmd line space reclamation

5 Major Advantages: PerfectStorage vs. Command Line Space Reclamation

PerfectStorage ensures that your valuable disk space can easily be reclaimed in thin-provisioned environments. It provides the five following advantages over standalone and command line-only tools like SDelete, even with scripts running for partial automation:

How to Quickly Return Hacked Hospital Systems to a Trusted State

How to Quickly Return Hacked Hospital Systems to a Trusted State

Community Health Systems is a health care system with over 200 hospitals and they lost 4.5 million patient records in an attack from China involving “sophisticated malware.” In addition to CHS, over the past year similar attacks have occurred at Froedtert Hospital in Wisconsin, Children’s Hospital in Massachusetts, St. Joseph’s Hospital in Texas and two […]

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After Updating to Windows 8.1, I Kept Losing Wifi

I took the plunge and purchased a brand new touch-screen Windows 8 laptop earlier this year. Soon after booting up for the first time, I did the Windows update to Windows 8.1. All was well in the world, although learning how to handle the new operating system took a little getting used to. Windows 8.1 […]