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VMware Recommends VM Defrag, So What’s Your Excuse?

The vSphere 5.1 documentation has a section entitled Disk I/O Performance Enhancement Advice that offers 12 actions that can be taken to improve I/O on virtual machine. The second recommendation is: “Defragment the file systems on the all the guests.” The most common performance complaints in a virtualized environment are: clogged queues, poor disk latency, […]

Don’t Lose Your CIO/CISO/IT Job Over an All-Too-Common Security Breach

When public companies experience a data security breach their senior IT officials are often quoted when these events are announced. With the recent launch of high availability system recovery solutions InstantRecovery and InstantRecovery Server, Raxco President Bob Nolan has discovered a surprising trend when reaching out to these IT executives; many are no longer with the […]

#1 IT Focus: Instant Business Continuity w/Both GPT Disks & MBR Disks

The increasing risk of cyberattack, server failure and human error disrupting business operations requires a plan for business continuity in the face of unexpected downtime. You really only enact a disaster recovery plan when the disaster (and the downtime) has already taken place. But what can you do ahead of time to prevent the disaster you would […]

PerfectStorage Live Demo: Auto-Shrink ESX-Hosted Thin-Provisioned VMDK

Automatically Reclaim Space in an ESX-Hosted Windows Server 2008 Guest

This video shows PerfectStorage running a reclaim operation in an ESX-hosted Windows Server 2008 Guest in order to shrink a thin-provisioned VMDK.

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EMC’s Principal SE: Best Option for Reclaiming Space is PerfectStorage

Last month, Itzik Reich, Principal SE and Field CTO for EMC’s Emerging Technology Unit posted on his blog and twitter about the importance of automated space reclamation and how – until VMware comes up with a solution on its own – Raxco’s “PerfectStorage is a MUST if you want to utilize [sic] every bit of […]

Cyber Resilience Advice: How Quickly Can You Bounce Back from an Attack?

How Quickly Can You Bounce Back from Attack? Cyber Resilience Advice

According to new research by McKinsey & Company1, cyberattacks are increasing and the bad guys are winning. Surprisingly, the most damage incurred doesn’t come from the security breach — it comes from an inadequate response to the breach.

How to Secure Internet Explorer & Disable Flash for All Your End Users

Quickly Disable IE Flash Add-on for 100s-1000s+ End Users (Even on XP)

As reported April 26, 2014, a serious Internet Explorer bug leaves users open to hackers, who have already used the exploit in “limited, targeted attacks” according to Microsoft. FireEye Research Labs discovered the flaw, which even has the Department of Homeland Security recommending people use other browsers. Raxco has a solution to this problem for […]

Was Your PC Held Hostage by Scareware or Unbootable? Here’s Plan B for Next Time

Was Your PC Held Hostage by Scareware or Unbootable? Here’s Plan B for Next Time

Have you ever found yourself in either of these situations? PC Held Hostage by Scareware A virus or spyware infection inundates your desktop with a pop up that displays a fake warning to purchase their antivirus solution to make the infection - that they put there – go away. And when you cleverly attempt to revert your […]

How to Solve Your Slow SharePoint Search and Backup Problems

How to Solve Your Slow SharePoint Performance and Backup Problems

SharePoint search not working and backups taking too long? SharePoint, Microsoft’s multi-functional collaboration software, is used to increase efficiency and productivity by centralizing information and applications, including: Documents, such as client deliverables and reports Project schedules and task lists Media, such as training videos Enterprise search Websites However, due to the growth of usage rates within […]

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About SSDs (But Were Afraid to Ask)

While the verdict is in on SSD optimization (consolidate free space instead of defragging your SSD), we still get a lot of questions about optimizing SSD write performance with PerfectDisk. Here are some of the most useful SSD performance threads discussed in the Raxco User Community:

5 Reasons Your Business Needs a High Availability System Recovery Tool

5 Reasons Your Business Needs a High Availability System Recovery Tool

In business, time is money. When disaster strikes, whether it’s a failed software or system update or a malware attack, you need to get your PCs (and servers, if you have them), back up and running in as little time possible, especially if the system failure occurs during business hours. In a prior blog post, […]

NEW! InstantRescue: Recover Immediately from a PC System Failure

NEW! InstantRescue: Recover Immediately from a PC System Failure

InstantRescue™ is a brand new system recovery tool that uniquely protects your operating system and installed applications from virus attacks and failed system and software updates and immediately restores them in the time it takes to reboot. Selected files (My Documents, My Music, My Pictures and My Videos selected by default) are preserved in their most recent state […]

Now You Can Lock User Settings for 140+ Applications with PolicyLock

PolicyLock now allows you to manage and lock down over 140 widely-used applications‘ settings so end users can’t modify or work around them, compromising your company’s security. And you can do it all with the management utility of your choice: PolicyLock-Compatible Management Utilities Dell KACE Group Policy LabTech SCCM Specops Deploy Symantec Altiris Windows Intune And other […]