Avoid a PC Crash by Keeping Your Hard Drive Intact

Avoid a PC Crash by Keeping Your Hard Drive Intact

Did you know a badly fragmented hard drive can crash your PC? The NTFS file system, part of Windows from early on, continues to fragment upon everyday use, causing performance problems for all machine sizes and types, even those running the latest operating systems — including Windows 10 (read on for Windows 10 news!). Extend […]

Can You Spot a Cyber Attack?

It is rarely less expensive to suffer a breach than put the proper defensive processes in place. The three absolute core pieces of an effective security program are comprised of technology, processes and people. However, according to a survey of 168 IT decision makers across several industries, only 15 percent think their employees are “well […]

Sysgem Access Gateway

Secure Remote Access with Sysgem Access Gateway

Raxco is proud to announce we are now offering Sysgem Remote Access with SysMan Remote Control for secure, hosted and controlled remote access to desktops, laptops and servers inside and outside of your network boundaries. Avoid using third party servers for your connections. Unlike other remote access services, Sysgem Access Gateway can be installed on […]

PerfectDisk 13 Service Pack 4 (Build 843) has been released

PerfectDisk 13 Service Pack 4 (Build 843) has been released, which adds the ability to exclude files approaching the FAL maximum size from defragmentation operations, adds vSphere 6.0 compatibility, and fixes a Log Viewer sorting issue.

PerfectStorage ESXi Host Reclaim

NEW: Automatic VMware ESXi Host Space Reclamation

First came PerfectStorage automated space reclamation for thin-provisioned servers and virtual machines and today we are excited to announce PerfectStorage now provides automated space reclamation at the datastore level with the new PerfectStorage ESXi Host Reclaim! Download a 30-Day Free Trial of PerfectStorage

Reclaim Storage Space Without Taking Servers Offline

Reclaim Storage Space Without Taking Servers Offline

Infrastructure engineer Kalle Pihelgas writes about getting maximum storage space efficiency out of his Nutanix running VMware in his blog, Kalle’s Playground. Specifically, Kalle discusses the value of zero-filling VMDKs: “Since Nutanix presents NFS share to ESXi hosts the datastore level reclaim will not be needed. This left me with in-guest reclamation. “After some testing […]

7 Tweaks to Improve New PC Performance

7 Critical Tweaks for Your New PC

PCWorld offers a list of 7 critical things to do immediately with a new PC. Whether you have a new PC or you’re trying to hang on to an old one, here’s how to tweak those steps to make your computer even more efficient and secure: “The first step is by far the most tedious. […]

Cyber Attacks on SCADA Systems Doubled in 2014

Dell’s 2015 Security Threat Report found that cyber attacks against industrial/manufacturing targets doubled in the past year. Attacks on supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems often go underreported, so the number can be much larger than the amount found in this report, as companies are only required to report security breaches that affect personal […]

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A Business Will Fail in 2015 Due to a Cyber Attack

Cyber attacks, already responsible for millions of dollars in damages and reputational harm, are the new normal. Not preparing for a cyber attack or security breach is now the equivalent of negligence. A cyber security expert at AEGIS London is predicting a company will going out of business in 2015 due to the financial consequences […]

Avoid a PC Crash by Keeping Your Hard Drive Intact

How to Choose a Storage Device: HDD, SSD or SSHD?

Are you in the market for a new PC? Here’s a quick guide to help you decide on which technology is right for you. StorageNewsletter recently published a comparison of the available storage technologies on the market today: HDD, SSD, SSHD and PCIe SSD. We’ve summarized┬áthe advantages and disadvantages of each storage technology below. HDD […]

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When You’re 4 Times More Likely to Get Phished

You’re four times more likely to be the victim of a phishing attack from healthcare-related emails, according to a report from security analytics firm Agari Data reported in TechTarget. 75% of Companies at Risk for Email Spoofing An alarming study conducted by Agari Data found that 75% of enterprises haven’t implemented the DMARC policy for […]

improve sql server performance

Improve SQL Server Performance with a RAM Disk

SQL Server’s heavy reliance on temporary files can slow down I/O performance. Here’s how you can improve SQL Server performance by moving tempdb to a RAM disk. Get Speeds 50 Times Faster Than HDD, 10 Times Faster Than SSD: Download RamDisk Plus

Keeping Old Devices Alive After a Windows Upgrade

Keeping Old Devices Alive After a Windows Upgrade

A fully functional PC, with hardware, software and connected devices working reliably and correctly, requires updated drivers so your system can properly communicate with every device installed on your machine. Download PerfectUpdater and Run a Free Scan for Outdated Drivers