World of Warcraft Performance Tips

Since we have thousands of WoW players who are PerfectDisk users and always looking for all the WoW performance tips they can find, I thought I would provide a quick list of a few things that we think help improve the WoW game experience as well as any MMORPG game. Of course, I’m always partial to a good defrag as my favorite World of Warcraft performance tip – I can’t help myself.

World of Warcraft -- defrag MPQ files to boost performanceBut a few other handy tips include:

  • Increase virtual memory
  • Update your graphics card
  • Close startup programs you don’t need
  • Increase the priority of WoW
  • Clean up your computer of junk (duplicate files, temporary Internet files, etc.)

All these are good WoW performance tweaks, but I maintain a comprehensive defrag and consolidation of free space as the best WoW performance tip, and there are legions of PerfectDisk users that attest to that. Of course, PerfectDisk also helps identify and eliminate duplicate files, so you don’t need to purchase duplicate file software separately if you choose to go that route.

An easy boost for WoW performance — defrag, update and clean.

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