Christopher Columbus and disk defrag

Today, many are celebrating Christopher Columbus Day here in the United States. Those celebrating the day may not be contemplating what Columbus did, but they at least had a day off from work or school, and a long weekend. Despite popular lore, Columbus did not discover America, even if you take into account Native Americans. Nor did he come up with the notion that the world is not flat, although many think he did.

But if he or others did not overcome popular myths, then who knows what history would have brought. And the same goes for disk defragmentation. If PerfectDisk did not come around, just think of some of the popular myths that might still be in vogue…

  • Free space consolidation of hard drives doesn’t matter and your PC or server will run just as efficiently with free space that is in small chunks. When NTFS goes to write a new file or update an existing one, it takes no less time to write to possibly hundreds of small chunks of free space than to one large chunk of free space.
  • A boot time defrag that defragments system files and metadata that otherwise are not defragmented doesn’t help provide faster PC speed.
  • The ability to do a selected files defrag or just defrag a file rather than a whole drive is not possible, so there is no help for videographers and others that work exclusively on a single file or a few very large files for an extended period of time.
  • 15% – 20% free space is needed on a drive in order to defrag a drive.
  • A strategy such as PerfectDisk’s patented SMARTPlacement optimization scheme is not possible, so the way to defrag a computer or defrag a file is to not worry about the impact on location of files.
  • Wasted space on a drive has no impact on performance, so duplicate file removal and a duplicate file manager don’t add to the value of a disk defrag program.
  • Defragmentation should be kept to physical machines and drives only — defragging can’t help vSphere performance, Hyper-V performance and overall virtualization performance.
  •  Microsoft’s Windows 7 defragmenter is as good as it gets to defrag Windows 7 to boost Windows 7 performance.
  • Fully customizable scheduling of a defragmenter program is impossible — there’s no way to make a defrag program with flexible scheduling that also provides the ability to auto defrag.
  • WoW performance (World of Warcraft performance) won’t benefit from defragmentation of large MPQ files.

The world is round. The best defrag software has evolved.

Happy Columbus Day.

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