PerfectDisk is Utility of the Year

Through the years, we’ve been proud and honored to receive numerous awards and accolades from the likes of Computerworld. Information Week, Windows IT Pro Magazine, Redmond Magazine, eWeek, PC Magazine, PC World, and more. The honors typically vary according to a publication’s or site’s grouping, but fall under categories like disk defrag utility or performance or storage software.  They have their categories, they match one or 2 PerfectDisk components to the category, and make the award or write the column.

Recently we were served notice of another award, and I have to say, it came at us from a new angle. Utility of the Year for the entire line of PerfectDisk products! Yes, all of them wrapped up in a single, broad award from the highly regarded AbsolutelyWindows and SmallBizWindows blogs. Operated and overseen by Windows and Microsoft thought leader and Editor-In-Chief John Obeto, these sites take a hard core approach to their product reviews. In their review process, there is certain criteria to be met. And Obeto, who is also CEO and Chief Technology Officer of systems integrator Logikworx, is not afraid to call out inferior products with a FAIL stamp of disapproval. But if a product can make it past these tests, you can feel good about them according to Obeto.

As he says, “the only products that make it to the blog are Business Ready, and the only demarcation between them is the amount of satisfaction we got, and so would you, from using the product.In other words, if you read a review here, be rest assured that it is a product that we would purchase for our own enterprise.”

And then, an award is presented, in this case for Utility of the Year to the entire PerfectDisk suite of products: PerfectDisk 11 Professional, Home Premium, Server, Enterprise Console, Exchange, Hyper-V Bundle, vSphere Bundle, VMware Workstation Bundle, and Windows Home Server Bundle.

You can read Obeto’s blog post here, where he concludes with his summation: “highly recommended.”

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