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SSD defrag or SSD optimization?

With Solid State Drives, file fragmentation essentially is NOT an issue – meaning that you don’t typically see any measurable performance issues if a file is fragmented versus if it is contiguous. However, due to the nature of SSDs and how data is written to the drive, free space fragmentation can degrade write performance, and consolidation of free space improves SSD write performance. The whole idea with SSDs is to decrease the number of writes/updates to the SSD, as that is what degrades performance over the long term.  Because you want to minimize writes and updates to the SSD, you want to be sure that any sort of optimization pass performed on the SSD does as little “shuffling” of files and data as possible.

With the upcoming PerfectDisk 12, a new SSD Optimize method focuses exclusively on what matters for performance to SSDs. Intelligent analysis is performed automatically and then utilizes sophisticated file and free space placement algorithms to provide peak SSD performance and better protect your SSD investment. We draw upon our pioneering work with free space consolidation and free space management to ensure optimal SSD performance. The technology intelligently minimizes “writing” to the SSD – which maintains SSD performance over the long term. And it’s all done automatically.

Intelligent SSD optimization.

12 — coming in ’11.

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