Real-world PC tuneup story

Mark Trapp of Redmond Washington had a problem. His 5-year old machine was getting slower and slower in performance and boot times. As Mark described it, “yes, it was the typical poster child” for computers gone bad. As a videographer, he installed many programs used in audio and video production. And uninstalled them too. But Mark didn’t neglect his PC, often addressing minor problems as they came up.

Still, problems arose. “Even with a separate boot and data disk, my workstation was turning into a slug. I ran just about every registry cleaning tool I could find to speed things up too.” No success, the PC was still crawling.

Enter PerfectDisk. “After several days of experimentation, I had only modest improvements in performance. Studying the feature set further, I came across the ability to customize SMARTPlacement. I figured I would go from the relatively conservative “classic” default to “Performance Aggressive” mode – why mess around? This setting gave me the ‘eye-popping’ results I was hoping to see years ago. Even though I tried your PerfectDisk 8 a number of years ago, I didn’t get the results I see now. And after customizing this mode (adding greater blocks of free space between types of stored data), I have blazing fast performance from a mechanical hard drive. As a performance hint to the techies out there, I encourage them to set all of their program temporary files to the fastest drive/partition in their system… and that’s not the boot drive.”

“Complete satisfaction — Raxco has come up with a product that hits the ball out of the park! I will be purchasing a second copy.”

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