Shrink drives — perfectly

A long-time IT professional, Mike Foster discovered that Perfect Disk solved a huge problem. Mike had 100GB of data stored on a 512GB hard drive. He wanted to swap out the hard drive for a much faster 256GB SSD drive. The problem was that he couldn’t “shrink” the data on the 512GB drive to 256GB drive because Windows keeps hidden system files at the opposite end of the drive. As Mike told us:

“I spent many hours looking for ways to move those system files below the 256GB limit so I could restore. I was finally able to repartition the 512GB drive to a 260GB partition, but could go no further and therefore could still not restore the 260GB partition to my 256GB SSD. That’s where PerfectDisk came in. It saved me!”

Mike contacted us to tell us that “PerfectDisk works great at defragmentation, but please advertise the fact that PerfectDisk consolidates disk space including Microsoft’s hidden files! I wish I knew that sooner. Many people around the world will move from larger hard drives to smaller capacity SSDs – and PerfectDisk makes this task so much easier!”

Ok, Mike — here’s your message to the world.

Sometimes you can find a hidden gem in the best defrag software.

Perfect disk. And perfect drive shrink.

Mike Foster, of Redmond, Washington, is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional and author of: The Secure CEO – How To Protect Your Computer Systems, Your Company, and Your Job. He’s an IT consultant and speaker (you can see his technology tips for executives at

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