AbsolutelyWindows has its eyes on Raxco and PerfectDisk

A few months ago, we were honored to have the entire suite of PerfectDisk products receive AbsolutelyWindows’ utility of the year award for its PC, server and virtualization performance-enhancing capabilities. Run by Microsoft and Windows thought leader and Editor-In-Chief John Obeto, AbsolutelyWindows, together with SmallBizWindows, provides product, technical and company information for the small- and medium-sized business as they relate to Windows technology. Obeto, never one to shy away from an opinion, calls everything as he sees it — he doesn’t beat around the bush, as the saying goes.

So we were pleased, and proud, to be picked out by Obeto and his crew for PerfectDisk 11 as their Utility of the Year for 2010. But that’s yesterday’s news. AbsolutelyWindows has moved on, and they’re combing the technology landscape for what’s interesting in 2011. Obeto’s popular site is running a series entitled I’ve got my eyes on you in 2011. As the title of the series implies, it’s a set of articles on technologies and companies that Obeto and his team feel are worthwhile to watch this year, not only for their past accomplishments, but for what the future might hold.

As for Raxco Software, Obeto writes that “we have it on our radar for 2011.” We’re pleased to be on his radar for 2011. We know he sets the bar high, and we’re happy to step up to the challenge.

AbsolutelyWindows interviewed Bob Nolan, president and CEO of Raxco, recently to learn a little bit more about the company and its plans with regards to storage technology, SSD optimization and more. You can see the interview here at the AbsolutelyWindows website.

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