Windows IT Pro on VMware ESX disk configuration

Alan Sugano, president of ADS Consulting Group, which specializes in networking, custom programming, Microsoft .NET Web development, and SQL Server development, recently penned an article in Windows IT Pro Magazine entitled VMware ESX Disk Configuration Options. Sugano, who is also author of The Real-World Network Troubleshooting Manual, presented an overview of several options for creating virtual disks (i.e. VMDK files) for virtual machines (VMs). He covered options for thin and thick VM disk provisioning, along with general recommendations and guidelines for storing VMDK files on ESX DAS and SANs.

The article discussed disk provisioning in terms or think versus thin, and the pros and cons between the two. Since PerfectDisk can play a key part in better-performing thin provisioned disks, it always catches my eye when someone mentions disk defragmentation and thin provisioning in the same sentence or paragraph. As Alan points out, “if you’re concerned about disk fragmentation on the storage group, check out Raxco Software’s PerfectDisk 11 vSphere Bundle disk defragmenting software for ESX.” The article also covers creating a disk as well as disk and controller types.In the virtualization world, disk defragmentation is becoming more and more recognized as a key piece of the virtualization performancepuzzle.

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