Doctor G on PerfectDisk 12

Steven Gurgevich, PhD and Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine at the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona College of Medicine, also goes by the nickname “Dr. G.” Dr. G also heads up the Behavioral Medicine center in Tuscon, Arizona. He’s by no means an IT professional. but owns, maintains and uses several computers for writing books, editing journals, performing research and managing precise data. In that sense, he’s typical of millions of other PerfectDisk users — a heavy computer user but not having in-depth technical knowledge when it comes to Windows or the NTFS file system. He just knows he needs a great performing computer, or in his case, many computers.

Gurgevich was a Beta tester for the just-concluded PerfectDisk 12 Beta test. He was an important contributor to the testing, and as he had a lot of input, I asked him for an overview of PerfectDisk 12 from his perspective. This is some of what he told me:

“As an end users with many computers, some of which are older and need defrag maintenance for their vitality and performance, I find PerfectDisk 12 delivers real value. The new OptiWrite fragmentation-prevention technology and new support for SSD optimization were big enhancements to this release.

“And being a beta-tester let me see from the inside how thorough and dedicated Raxco is to quality control and making their product stand head and shoulders above the competition that makes promised they cannot keep. Raxco delivers the quality and performance. You’ve covered all the bases for system performance with this release – a real home run.”

Well, that was certainly more than I was looking for or expecting from my request for some PerfectDisk 12 insight, so had to pass it on!

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