PerfectDisk 12 — start your engines

The new CDs have been burned and shipped to the warehouses. Back end processes and front end updates have been made and are being checked and rechecked. The midnight oil continues to burn, but we are just about there.

Dr. Steven Gurgevich is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine at the University of Arizona College of Medicine, and participated in the PerfectDisk 12 Beta test. We asked him to sum up PerfectDisk 12 in a few words, after his testing completed:

“PerfectDisk 12 delivers real value with the OptiWrite fragmentation prevention technology and new support for SSD optimization. I’ve seen the perfect combination of faster systems yet reduced system resources and costs. And with enhanced support for thin-provisioned drives, virtualization performance also benefits significantly. Raxco has covered all the bases for system performance with this release – it’s their best yet.”

The Beta test had its ups and downs, little bugs and big bugs. Based on the invaluable input and testing from over a thousand Beta testers around the world, and the dedication of our engineers, quality assurance and support staff here, we’ve put together a release that we believe delivers real value to the millions of consumers and thousands of enterprises which we are proud to have as customers. As always, we will not have pleased all of the people with everything we have done and the changes we have made. But we’re confident we will please most.

Thanks to all of you, users, testers and Raxco employees who have worked so hard to deliver the best defrag software with PerfectDisk 12.

PerfectDisk 12 defrag and optimization. Coming tomorrow.

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