PerfectDisk 12 out of the gates

It’s been a crazy, hectic — in a good way — week here at Raxco, as the launch of PerfectDisk 12 got underway Wednesday morning. While we prepared for an onslaught of activity, what we experienced and continue to experience exceeded even our optimistic expectations. Visitors to our website and downloads of PerfectDisk have been up over 15% over last year’s PerfectDisk 11 launch over the first 2 days. While today it’s slowing up a bit compared to the first 2 days, for a Friday at this time of the year, it’s still unusually busy. Seems while we have our usual, passionate defrag fans, we’re also seeing a lot of enthusiasm for our SSD optimization and virtualization performance enhancements, which is bringing us a whole new category of users.We appreciate everyone’s patience with various inquiries and requests as we work our way through them all. Overall, the feedback on PD 12 has been great. That doesn’t mean there haven’t been various issues reported, and we are working on those as well.If you are interested in some of the published feedback to date, you can check them out at the Raxco In The News section of our web site.For our millions of long-time customers, thank you for your continued trust in us. For the thousands of new PerfectDisk users who have joined us and are continuing to join us this week, welcome to the PerfectDisk family.

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