Microsoft Certified Trainers and PerfectDisk

Microsoft Certified Trainers (MCTs) are an elite, international community that spans more than 150 countries and regions and includes classroom and e-learning instructors, learning consultants, authors, conference presenters, and user group leaders. Microsoft describes MCTs as the “premier technical and instructional experts on Microsoft technologies, and are the only individuals authorized to deliver training for Microsoft Certification.”

Pete Calvert is a Microsoft MCT and longtime PerfectDisk user. He regularly build and rebuilds machines for classroom training and often gets inquiries regarding his recommendations for keeping servers, workstations and laptops running as efficiently as possible. One of the applications he always recommends is PerfectDisk — to his students as well as to his clients in his outside consulting work. He thinks it is the best defrag software and optimization tool around.

Since he is a hands-on user of PerfectDisk, he likes “giving real practical solutions to the people who come to us instead of theoretical and second-hand advice.” He said he speaks for many MCTs when he says that “PerfectDisk helps keep our IT infrastructure operating the best it can be.”

Thousands of MCTs around the world use PerfectDisk and many of them highlight or distribute trial copies of PerfectDisk to their students. We know because we have sent tens of thousands of trial CDs to their classes over the years in response to their requests. We stopped shipping actual CDs awhile ago as we were wearing out the Fedex guys….

We thank all our passionate MCT defrag users!

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