Defrag MPQ files to optimize WoW

World of Warcraft -- defrag MPQ files to boost performanceAs long as there are wars and fighting taking place around the world, there will be arguments as to whether the cause is just or not for embarking in these battles. But for players of the ever-popular World of Warcraft (WoW) online game, the war against large, performance-robbing MPQ files always makes sense.

The WoW MPQ file, like the MPQs in other Blizzard Entertainment’s games, contains the game’s data files, including graphics, sounds, and level data.

With almost 12 million monthly subscriptions, World of Warcraft (WoW) has a fanatical user base. And like these or players of any other MMORPGs (massively multiplayer online role-playing game), they look for any advantage, any edge they can get. Every day, we hear from WoW players telling us how PerfectDisk has beefed up their game and improved their WoW performance. Fast defragmentation is just part of the story.

Long-time PerfectDisk user and even longer World of Warcraft player Lee Morris explains how PerfectDisk helps him and his game:

“PerfectDisk is an amazing product. I originally downloaded the demo to see how it could improve the performance of World of Warcraft. Specifically WoW’s MPQ files, which are huge files that are updated weekly. They fragment so easily, and when fragmented they cause lagging and hangs during interactive game play as you cross particular boundaries between geography. Once I used PerfectDisk, I had nearly flawless performance. No hangs or lagging. I bought the tool immediately and scheduled the defrag after each patch from Blizzard. I’ve never had any lag since. I bought a 5-user license for my guild mates. Totally amazing product that’s fast running and reliable. Might as well call it a WoW optimizer.”

Disk defragmenter software that goes to war for WoW players every day….and wins battle after battle, for better WoW performance.

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