PerfectDisk 12 defrag reviewed

Aleksey Fingerut is editor of the “Domashny PK” magazine in Ukraine, and also contributes to a related blog based out of Russia. Aleksey has taken an initial look and test of PerfectDisk 12, and has published initial thoughts at the publication’s online site. The context of the review is PerfectDisk compared with Diskeeper(R).

One key point from Fingerut — if a defragmenter is not preventing fragmentation, it’s obsolete, which leaves just PerfectDisk and Diskeeper.

Here are the general points from the review, in case you don’t read Ukranian:

  • PerfectDisk is now the only one who competes with Diskeeper
  • All other defragmenters without prevention technology are obsolete
  • PerfectDisk now has OptiWrite, StealthPatrol, SSD Optimization and holds its own against Diskeeper
  • PerfectDisk additionally has a better interface, more options, different optimization modes and now even SMART-monitoring
  • PerfectDisk is a much better value — $25-40 with key functions against the counterpart Diskeeper Pro Premium with Hyperfast
  • Technically, PerfectDisk 12 is more attractive for home users than Diskeeper 2011.

Fingerut does think PerfectDisk 12 has a little slow defrag and has run into some issues with S.M.A.R.T. temperatures on certain drives (which is being addressed in a service pack).
But overall, it’s a real positive review of PerfectDisk 12 and highlights PerfectDisk as the best feature-wise, function-wise, and best value.

Love for PerfectDisk 12 — in the Ukraine, Russia and all around the world.

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