VMware reaffirms PerfectDisk’s Elite status

A few years ago, Raxco Software introduced the industry’s first VMware optimization technology with PerfectDisk 2008. The market was moving to virtualization, and many of our customers told us that they either needed at the time, or would soon, a PerfectDisk solution that took into account the various intricacies of virtualization.

The following year saw the release of the PerfectDisk 10 family of products that included the industry’s first ever, centrally manageable defragmentation client that was both aware of its virtual existence and able to dynamically adjust its resource consumption behavior with respect to its physical server load — Virtual Awareness.

While we now offer solutions to improve Hyper-V performance as well as vSphere performance, our original move into the virtualization performance space was with VMware. And we quickly established a great working relationship with the engineering teams at VMware as well as with various individuals and teams that have a razor-like focus on all issues that are performance related to vSphere, ESX and all VMware products. These relationships as well as our commitment to helping vSphere performance has led to our attainment of the VMware Elite Partner status.

Last year, we met with Scott Drummonds, who at the time was VMware’s top performance expert.  We worked with Scott on various tests to quantify the benefits of fragmentation. The tests showed quantifiable improvements in IO, latency and more.

And now VMware has just recognized our commitment by again granting us its VMware Technology Alliance Program Elite status for 2011 and 2012. We are pleased and proud of this honor and commit to continue to work with VMware to bring VMware users innovative solutions to help boost vSphere performance.

Virtualization is now of course a huge movement across the business landscape and accordingly a large and ever-growing part of Raxco’s and PerfectDisk’s business. Virtualization offers a great opportunity for businesses to run more efficiently, but there are drawbacks without the proper implementation. Without proper tools in place, virtualization performance will suffer and eliminate the potential benefits.

VMware and Raxco’s PerfectDisk — an elite partnership.

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