PerfectUpdater to update faulty system drivers

As Raxco continues to expand its product line beyond the best defrag software  but keeping in line with PC optimization software, we’ve launched our newest consumer product, PerfectUpdater, to update faulty system drivers — automatically.

Corrupt and out-of-date system drivers are hardly ever noticed or blamed as a reason for many of the common issues PC users have today – crashes, sluggish operation, blue screens – but commonly, drivers are the root cause of these issues. PerfectUpdater scans your computer for the latest drivers using an extensive database, downloads and updates the latest and greatest drivers and monitors your system for future updates.

What is a Driver?
So, just what is a driver? Think of a driver as a component of your computer that translates technical information from one program or piece of hardware to another. Your monitor has a driver that translates vital information to your system about that monitor and how the system should operate it. As various systems change and get updated, your drivers need to be updated as well, so they are translating the right information, and your system is compatible with all your devices and software, working smoothly without any errors.

How do Out-of-Date Drivers Affect Me?
Over time, existing drivers become outdated, resulting in inefficient PC performance and limited hardware functionality. This is why you need to update the drivers on your system periodically. Outdated graphics card drivers can cause black screens and freezing while gaming. A video card driver update may be needed if there are slow frame rates in your movies or games. An Ethernet card driver update will improve the reliability of your Internet connection. Erratic music and sounds can be fixed with a sound driver update. Also, repetitive device-related error messages usually require a driver update.

Why PerfectUpdater?
Manually updating device drivers is a lot of work. First, you need to determine the make and model of the hardware device, find the manufacturer’s website, then download and install the most recent and updated drivers. You must make sure you install the correct driver for your computer to avoid incompatibility; then you need to do this for the numerous other drivers on your system.

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