Defrag a boon to photographers

Paul Roberts is a real estate photographer focused in Wichita Falls, Texas and Palm Springs, California. Well, confining Paul’s label to a photographer is like saying Apple makes an electronics device. Paul has an extreme passion for what he does, which also includes extensive work with digital editing. And, given where he lives and the circles in which he travels, he’s also taken a fair amount of celebrity pictures along the way. He’s been crafting his skills for almost 30 years, and knows the ins and outs of what it takes to deliver the best photographs and other digital works for his clients.

Like all of the best photographers and videographers, Paul understands the nuances of keeping his tools sharp and using the best tools to ensure top quality work. In this view, tools range from cameras to computer systems to the software that runs on the computer. To deliver the best possible work to his clients, Paul spends lots of time with large volumes of photographs and videos. This constant editing, adding and deleting typically leads to highly fragmented files and drives, and large files at that.

A tech savvy guy, Paul is also conscious of where he spends his hard-earned dollars. Like any business owner, particularly in this day and age, he’s not interested in spending unnecessarily. Which is why he uses quality freeware whenever he can. But there is one area where he has consistently paid money for — not just to spend money but because he feels it’s worth it and pays off.

Disk defragmentation. And Paul believes that PerfectDisk delivers real value, stating “PerfectDisk really is in a class by itself and is the best defrag software available, bar none. It is the only software I pay for.” The key for Paul is SMARTPlacement. “For the work I do, SMARTPlacement is critical. Although I’ve been a PerfectDisk user for years, I have also evaluated just about every other defrag tool on the market — free or not free. And nothing gives me the consistent, extreme free space consolidation that PerfectDisk does.”

PerfectDisk’s file placement strategy and free space consolidation ensure Paul’s drives are in top shape, even as he continually modifies files and adds files. Performance never wanes. “I am in constant contact with numerous professionals in my field, and I always recommend PerfectDisk to keep their drives in top shape. For photography and video editing professionals, I consider PerfectDisk a must have piece of software.”

Paul has another 3 key benefits he finds with PerfectDisk:

  • defrags the system files at boot time
  • moves often-used files to the end of contiguous files
  • moves a much-reduced Page File to the center of the disk to minimize daily head-wear.

As Paul says, “Windows just makes all the files “blue” and shoves them to one end. It does NOT fill in spaces like PerfectDisk — which isn’t necessary anyway with PerfectDisk because holes aren’t created.”

You can learn more about Paul at his website. And if you’ve got a house in Palm Springs or Wichita Falls, need some video editing done, or feel you’re a celebrity in need of a great photo, catch him on Twitter at @PaulBritPhoto (where he’s not Ashton Kutcher, but close…).

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