PerfectDisk 12 Service Pack 3 (Build 290)

The PerfectDisk 12 Client and Enterprise Console have been updated to Build 290. These latest builds include various bug fixes.

You can “Check For Updates” in the products or wait for Autoupdate.

  • Thin provision drives were not being detected properly in vCenter (Virtual guest versions of PerfectDisk). This has been fixed.
  • The method used to detect solid state drives (SSD) has been changed to more accurately determine if a drive is and SSD or not.
  • Group Policy scheduling was broken. This has been fixed.
  • The command line flags for prep for Shrink and SSD optimize were coded backwards. This has been fixed.
  • Changes were made to the way WPI was querying was accomplished for improved performance.
  • When S.M.A.R.T. checks were disabled, some of the checks were still performed even though not needed. This has been corrected.

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    Thanks for your comment. We are not doing a general translation for PerfectDisk 12. To translate the product on your own, AFTER PD 12 is installed, you can go to this file to translate: