PerfectDisk Fixes Texture Pop-In During Gameplay

Unleash Your Rage at Texture Pop-In During Gameplay

Many of our customers are avid PC gamers. PerfectDisk has even been called a “WoW Optimizer.”

Following a long standing tradition of pioneering cutting edge 3D graphics, the wizards at id® Software have created RAGE™, a game where every surface is uniquely textured and literally hand-painted. RAGE™ presents gamers with a mesmerizing visual experience that features the kind of fast-paced FPS action that is sure to raise your blood pressure. However RAGE™ taxes your system hardware like no other game, requiring that your system stream gigabytes of unique texture data into memory as you navigate its post-apocalyptic landscape. In fact, the game is so uniquely textured that texture data files average a couple of hundred megabytes in size each, with some of the larger textures being well over 1GB in size. The entire game requires over 21GB of disk storage space to install.

RAGE Texture Pop-In Before PerfectDisk RAGE Texture Pop-In Fixed with PerfectDisk
RAGE texture pop-in before and after PerfectDisk

Although you may be prepared to rain death upon your enemies in the world of RAGE™, your PC may not be. At QuakeCon 2011, gaming luminary and technical director of id® Software, John Carmack, explained during his keynote address that low latency disk access would be crucial to the visual presentation of RAGE™. Many gamers have encountered texture pop-in issues on their systems as a result of slow disk access caused by file fragmentation. The game requires that your system be equipped not only with a sufficiently fast enough video card, but with a hard drive that can deliver smooth sequential read performance. Luckily for you, PerfectDisk has been proven to maximize sequential read performance and minimize texture pop-in issues in RAGE™.

Texture “Pop-In”
A flaw that occurs when a game’s graphics engine fails to preload textures as the player is in view of them.

The patented SMARTPlacement™ technology featured in PerfectDisk allows it to properly defragment game data for fast access. This allows your system to present you with the smoothest visual presentation of RAGE™ that it is capable of. Watch our video demonstration of how PerfectDisk can help you optimize your gaming experience!

PerfectDisk Best Practices for Optimal Gameplay

To help gamers get the best RAGE™ experience possible, we’ve compiled the following list of best practices:

  • Install the STEAM™ PC client to a dedicated hard drive.
  • Defragment the hard drive using the SMARTPlacement™ algorithm found in PerfectDisk.
  • During gameplay, disable the following programs and Windows features on the hard drive:
    • Anti-virus scans
    • System Restore / VSS protection
    • Drive indexing
  • Shut down any other programs installed to the same drive.
  • Enable OptiWrite™ in PerfectDisk to prevent the game from fragmenting in the future as updates and downloadable content are released.

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  1. Another Game with the same Performance-Issues like RAGE is ArmA II / Operation Arrowhead.

    Beside the Fact that you need a potent CPU and GPU, top HDD Performance is also needed.
    Take a Look at this Thread over at our Forums, and you know what i mean :

    Since i´m using PD12 Pro on my RAID Sys, Texture Pop-In and Stuttering has gone nearly zero, and the Game runs supersmooth. A totally new Expirience. No other commercial Defragmenter that i have tested could handle that Problem. RAMDISK? No. SSD? No. ??? PerfectDisk! 🙂

    1. P.S : Since the mentioned Thread was opened, BIS has done alot of further Development and improved the Game. Texture Loading has been improved also, but as you can see when you´re look at the Data, top performing HDD´s are still needed due to the Data heavyness of the Game.