PerfectDisk Case Study: Improving Virtualization Performance

When an Economic Slowdown Hurts Operational Efficiency

americallDue to layoffs forced by a weakened economy, Americall lost many technical engineers and administrative staff, resulting in severely fragmented disks and diminished performance across all servers because disk defragmentation had always been done manually. Slowed access to data and applications had a significantly negative impact on Americall employee productivity.

Americall, a leading call center and live answering service, uses approximately 43 virtual servers and 54 physical servers. The Americall network consists of a combination of Windows 2003 and Windows 2008 servers running SQL, Citrix, Exchange, and IIS.

Why Americall Chose PerfectDisk

Working closely with full-service IT firm Trefil Consulting and after comparisons with other potential solutions, Americall determined that PerfectDisk vSphere provided the most efficient solution and ease of implementation for managing disk defragmentation in a virtual environment across multiple servers. Some of the reasons Americall chose PerfectDisk vSphere include:

  • Pricing
  • Automation
  • Simple to deploy and implement
  • Easy to manage all networked computers
  • Ensures virtual server drives are optimized for top performance
  • Support for VMware, Hyper-V and XenServer
  • Automated alerting system with configurable resource utilization thresholds
  • Ability to allocate and configure resources for scanning VMware and Hyper-V disks

The Results

Considering the hours of time it would take an IT administrator to maintain server disks or to rebuild a server due to disk corruption from lack of disk maintenance, along with the production outage, the ROI on PerfectDisk is substantial.

Laura Trefil, President and CEO of Trefil Consulting points out: “With PerfectDisk, there’s no excuse for loss of revenue from a production outage or for unnecessary administrative costs to maintain healthy and optimized disk drives.”trefil (167x61)

Americall’s servers and virtual guests are now optimized for peak performance. This maximizes the investment they have made in virtualization, ensuring employees stay as productive as possible, which is critical to the company’s success in today’s challenging economic environment.

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