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PerfectUpdaterAre all of your computer’s hardware and software running in tip-top condition? Ever have an unexplained problem with your Internet connection? Videos not running smoothly? How about a device that once worked fine but now is acting erratically? It’s probably your drivers, and they’re most likely outdated.

The Reviews Are In…And The Winner Is: PerfectUpdater

Laura Blackwell from PCWorld picked PerfectUpdater as the #1 driver update utility for PCWorld Reviewers’ Favorite Files for October 2011:

“Update utilities make sure your software is up-to-date, minimizing security holes. We tried three different ones, but Raxco Software’s PerfectUpdater delivered the best mix of accurate updates and interface usability.”

Microsoft Consumer Security MVP and Wilders Security Forum administrator Nick Pellatt on the merits and quality of PerfectUpdater:

“Very rarely do I come across a new piece of software that performs well…and I for one think everyone should give PerfectUpdater a try.

“…the software has performed well above any other driver software on the market that I have found to date and is a must-have piece of software for those that like to keep up-to-date at all times.”

Start a Free Scan for Outdated Drivers

Mike Williams from PC Advisor explains why even only using the trial version of PerfectUpdater is beneficial:

“…even in ‘scan only’ mode, PerfectUpdater has its uses. If you see that, say, the driver for your network card is out of date, then you could always download a new version manually from the manufacturer’s site. And the program can also back up your current drivers, so if you have a problem with a future manual update then it’s easy to revert to a previous version.”

Editor of Using Windows Home Server, Andrew Edney, puts it simply:

“I updated all 20 drivers in a matter of minutes, where as it would have taken me several hours to go and check each driver on each website and then download each one and update, so if you want to be up-to-date, but you don’t want to spend the time doing it manually then this is for you.”

The consensus is in: PerfectUpdater is easy to use and it’s a HUGE time saver. Manually updating device drivers is a lot of work, especially across multiple devices, hardware and software. PerfectUpdater identifies all outdated drivers, finds and downloads all the available and correct updated drivers for your system and installs them on your PC in a click, while taking a backup of your old drivers in the case of incompatibility issues.

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