Could Your Registry Cleaner Be Fooling You?

prevent the blue screen of deathHow often does your PC freeze up and “hang” there for what seems like an eternity when opening programs? Do you wait, impatiently, while opening Outlook email or your Internet browser? How many times this week have you had to shutdown and restart your computer because of an error message or blue screen? Now what if you had 500 invalid registry entries causing all this havoc – would you like to fix all 500 of those errors…or just 15? See how one competitor tried to pull the wool over their customer’s eyes, and how that person became a PerfectRegistry customer, below:

“I installed PerfectRegistry today with a license key that I purchased. I ran another program that claims to be ‘the best’ and has many recommendations. It found a few items (15) and I cleaned it up.

“I then rebooted and ran PerfectRegistry. It found over 500 issues!!! I was astounded, I did a registry back up and then ran fix and it fixed them all, I also ran the defrag and it worked flawless also. I have been using PerfectDisk for several years, this PerfectRegistry is an outstanding companion to PerfectDisk. I recommend highly. My OS is Windows 7 – 64 Bit professional.

“Great job…”

-Bob D., Fall River, MA

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  1. I’m a bit confused. I’ve been using the Registry cleaner in PerfectSpeed all along. Today I downloaded the trial version of your Perfect Registry product, and it found 2,702 registry errors. The trial version doesn’t fix them of course, so I then ran the PerfectSpeed registry cleaner, and it didn’t find a single registry error. So…you tell me – is my registry cleaner fooling me? I’ve been a customer of Raxco for around 10 years now, and NEVER had reason to doubt the veracity of Raxco, but I’m confused pretty unsettled as to why these two products are giving me such disparate results. I cannot believe that one Raxco product is so good that it can find nearly 3,000 registry errors that my current Raxco product could not. Or should I rephrase that to say ‘one Raxco product is so BAD….

    Either way, I’d really like to know the answer.

    1. The answer is along the lines of what Tomasz writes. PerfectSpeed is an all-encompassing PC health tool that does other functions as well. In terms of registry cleaning, it takes a very non-aggressive approach.

      1. So…is there an answer in there somewhere? I get it that PerfectSpeed is a ‘non-agressive’ registry cleaner, but a 2,702 difference? Apologies, but that kind of feels like the sites that manufacture problems in order to sell software. I checked the Raxco site today – there are no white papers on Perfect Registry, no test results, nothing to show me how this product was tested, or who tested it. I went to the Tucows site, and the registry cleaner comparisons I could find didn’t even mention Perfect Registry. Please show me something that shows me how this product was tested, that it WAS tested against all the programs claimed on your web site.
        Oh, and the response to Rick’s issue – WTF? Straight line from ‘sorry you feel that way’ to ‘don’t forget about the 30-day money back gaurantee’. Not the kind of response to a customer one is accustomed to seeing from Raxco.

  2. Well, sometimes I prefer fixing only those 15 issues I am certain that they won’t screw up my system. I have seen some registry cleaners that were too “eager” in catching registry issues, that they have made the system unstable or even unbootable. In these rare cases having a full system image is indispensable and many of the fixes do not make any significant difference to the end-user. Personally, I prefer a gentle approach to the Windows registry 😉

  3. I just purchased, installed, and ran PerfectRegistry: It removes some essential components for the popular mathematics software “MathCad”. I am sure it was done by PR, because I had to reinstall MathCad, and then ran PR again. It flags numerous entries associated with MathaCad as “problems”. But they are so numerous that I don’t know for certain which ones are essential for MathCad and which ones are legitimate problems. So immediately PR has become worthless to me.

    1. Hi Rick, We’re sorry that you feel that way! PerfectRegistry is definitely a more aggressive registry cleaner, built to improve speed and performance for the slowest of systems. However, from a little investigation, we’ve seen MathCad has had quite a few problems with other registry cleaners in general. Raxco customer service will honor our 30-day money-back guarantee on your purchase. Thanks for the feedback!

      1. Thanks for the reply. I would like to just have PR work. Wouldn’t it be possible to contact MathCad to see what registry entries it makes and then have them excluded by PR ?

  4. I guess that all this registry cleaning area is a kind of swamp for all software products. Unfortunately, it happens so frequently that applications are placing apparently incorrect or suspicious entries in the Windows registry – this includes Microsoft applications as well!

    Therefore, any registry cleaner that tries to be “better” soon falls into a trap by removing such entries, which, as it often happens, are necessary for the software to work correctly. The user will not blame the software, whose registry entries were “fixed”, but the registry cleaner, as the problem can be seen instantly after using the said registry cleaner.

    Even a single incident of this kind triggers a loss of confidence of the end-users in the registry cleaning product and its maker as well, as the other posts in this blog show. I am wondering, why Raxco is marketing PerfectRegistry after having issued PerfectSpeed? Isn’t it like eating your own tail? Is there any reason for a user to buy both products?

    If a user is not willing to buy one of these Raxco products, he will probably choose one of the other solid and freeware products available in the internet. I guess I don’t have to mention any names here … As I have said: this is a swamp and not many registry cleaners stay afloat …

  5. To me, it seems like the primary goal of a Registry Cleaner would be ACCURACY.
    Not necessarily “aggressive” or “non-aggressive” but ACCURATE. It should not remove any entries unless they are CERTAINLY not required.
    So, for example in my case, I know PR has removed some essential components for a very common sofware program. BUT HOW DO I KNOW WHAT IT REMOVED THAT WAS ESSENTIAL THAT I SIMPLY HAVEN’T DISCOVERED YET ??!? It seems like the very essense of creating a reliable registry cleaner would be doing the necessary research so that only truly nonessential things are ever removed. Maybe that is what “non-aggressive” means. Maybe it also just means “competent product development.”

  6. Well… further technical responses; but Raxco has honored their return policy. They have given me a quick refund with no problem.
    But I really wish you would just invest a little more engineering into the product. Maybe I don’t understand some subtlty here, but it seems like you could create a catalog of registry entries for commonly used software and make sure PR doesn’t remove them.
    Thanks again. I am still happy with my PerfectDisk Professional 10

  7. And Raxco should test PerfectRegistry with their own products. Couldn’t upgrade my PerfectDisk 12 to 12.5 because of it.

    On the knowledge base I also found this :

    “When updating PerfectDisk, a message is displayed saying “The upgrade patch cannot be installed by the Windows installer service because the program to be upgraded may be missing or update patch may be updating a different version of the prog

    When updating PerfectDisk, a message is displayed saying “The upgrade patch cannot be installed by the Windows installer service because the program to be upgraded may be missing or update patch may be updating a different version of the prog

    This message typically indicates that there is a mismatch between what Windows Installer sees in the registry for applications that are installed/what patches have been applied to a product and what actually is found on the disk drive. This mismatch can result from performing disk or registry cleaning or using System Restore to restore a computer back to a previous point in time.”

    And I used only PerfectRegistry.

    1. Martin, your PerfectDisk 12 cannot upgrade automatically to 12.5 because they are completely different versions/builds, not because of PerfectRegistry. We have had thousands of people use both programs together with no issues.

      You should have received an email in early December with your new download link for 12.5 and new license key, as the old keys do not work with the new version/build and the new license keys do not work with the old version/build.

      You must install 12.5 over your current 12 version and then enter the new license key.

      If you did not receive this email, your ISP may have blocked it in error.

      Let me know. I can have your new key(s) sent to you.

      1. Thank you but I asked the new serial already. I used the trial version to update my PerfectDisk. I’m sorry if I pointed PerfectRegistry, but from your knowledge base I had the impression it was PerfectRegistry’s fault.


  8. I am glad to find this thread and read what others have to tell. I have also been a customer of Raxco for a long time and have recently upgraded to Perfect Disk 12.5 and have to say that I am both impressed and very satisfied. That said, I have also just purchased PerfectRegistry. I have not had any problems after cleaning that I know of, but I understand and share the concerns with the others.

    It’s clear the registry is an intricate animal and can absolutely be a pain when it is full of garbage. My dream have always been to find a registry cleaner that really get the job done without the need of almost having an anxiety attach every time it’s time for a cleanup. So I hope you guys at Raxco are up to the challenge to produce the best cleaner “out there” 😉 .

    Thank you.