15 Things All System Admins Should Know

Did you know? Fragmented files can take 15-20 times longer to access than a contiguous file of the same size.

Fragmentation is inherent in using Windows and as we have described it, with system use the problem compounds itself until it has an impact on performance and user response.

15 Things All System Admins Should Know About Storage Performance:

  1. File and free space fragmentation are inevitable on all Windows operating systems
  2. Fragmentation is caused by file creation/deletion/extension and truncation
  3. Fragmentation slows file read/write times
  4. Disk optimization reorganizes the files as the Windows file system sees the file; the disk controller decides where the file goes on the disk
  5. Fragmentation affects all kinds of servers
  6. Fragmentation symptoms include slow boot and shutdown, slow application launches, slow logins, application hangs and crashes and overall sluggish performance
  7. Fragmentation impacts virtual servers as well as physical servers
  8. Optimization delivers the fastest possible read/write times
  9. Optimization speeds up backups and AV scans
  10. Optimization saves troubleshooting time
  11. Optimization reduces VMware overhead and disk latency while improving sequential I/O and throughput
  12. Optimization provides excellent disk space utilization
  13. Optimization can run in the background with no impact on users
  14. Optimization works with direct-attached storage and SANs
  15. Optimization saves time and money

Systems accessing badly fragmented files usually suffer from slow file access and poor system response. Application launches are slower and, in severe cases, apps can hang or crash. System boot and shutdown can also be affected by fragmentation as well as the time it takes users to login to a server.

Fragmentation, Unfortunately, Is For Everyone

Fragmentation is application agnostic and it occurs in all industries from banking and manufacturing to transportation and government. A medical imaging vendor offers PerfectDisk with their turnkey systems delivered to doctor’s offices and hospitals. Digitized medical images are very large files and prone to fragmentation. PerfectDisk keeps the images contiguous and the consolidated free space slows re-fragmentation. The contiguous images are accessed faster and save physicians time.

An e-commerce site that supports the online ordering system for a national pizza chain uses PerfectDisk to help it maintain an order rate of 20-100 orders per second. The high order creation, update and deletion rate demanded a solution that could keep the disk in optimal performance condition.

A printing company allows its customers to upload files and images to be printed and found that this could kill their file servers when the uploads got too fragmented. PerfectDisk resolved the issue.

In an effort to automate medical records a major hospital uses a Form Fast application that was causing major fragmentation with a corresponding performance hit. PerfectDisk maintains contiguous files and free space mitigating the problem.

Read the entire whitepaper: The Benefits of Disk Optimization in a Corporate Environment

In some instances, PerfectDisk has saved clients a full day of backup time.

There are many advantages to implementing an optimization solution for your environment. Performance and productivity improves. Savings are realized by reducing administrative costs, backup times, electrical power consumption and more. Today’s computing is about speed. Everyone wants instant access to their data and the web. To make this possible, Raxco offers the tools that give companies an edge; to make and keep things faster on its server systems. PerfectDisk optimization software provides unparalleled administration, unbeatable performance and a solution that saves time and money.

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