Fix Bad Drivers & Broken PC Audio

Your computer audio was working fine until you installed that update yesterday. Now you can’t hear anything. Sound familiar? It’s your drivers.

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How To Roll Back a Bad Driver

  • Go to your Start Menu
  • Type Device Manager into the search box at the bottom of the Start Menu
  • Select Device Manager from the menu
  • Double-click Sound, video and game controllers (or the device type that is acting strangely)
  • Double-click on the device that you want to revert back to an old driver
    • Click on the Driver tab
    • Click Roll Back Driver and follow the wizard
  • If Roll Back Driver is not an option (it is grayed out), there are no older drivers available on your PC

If you automate driver updates with PerfectUpdater, you won’t need to roll back bad drivers.

100% Original Manufacturer Drivers

PerfectUpdater contains NO third-party downloads. This means PerfectUpdater’s driver library is made up of 100% original manufacturer drivers, eliminating the risk of downloading malware with your driver updates.

PerfectUpdater even includes a Backup & Restore option to save old drivers before installing new ones. This allows you to go back to the original drivers in case updated drivers are damaged during installation.

Detect & Update Outdated Drivers: Start a Free Driver Scan

Having Trouble With Sound on Your Computer?

Follow each these steps until one of them fixes your PC audio:

  • Restart your PC, then come back to this email.
  • Do you have external speakersconnected to your PC? Check to make sure:
    • your speakers aren’t muted
    • your speakers are turned on
    • your speaker volume is turned up
  • Sound still doesn’t work? Click the volume icon in your system tray
    • Is the volume muted?
    • Is the volume turned up?
  • Click Mixer or left-click the volume icon and select Open Volume Mixer
    • Is the volume muted?
    • Is the volume turned up for all options?
  • Still nothing? Right-click the volume icon and select Playback devices
    • Does your audio device have a green checkmark next to it?
    • Click on the device and click the Properties button: is it set to Use this device (enable)?
  • If your audio still doesn’t work, you are likely suffering from outdated audio drivers

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    1. The trial mode of PerfectUpdater runs a free scan to detect outdated drivers on your system. After the scan, you are provided a list of outdated drivers and their manufacturers’ names. You can use this list to manually update drivers yourself, one by one, or purchase PerfectUpdater to do all of it for you. As we mention in our blog post, PerfectUpdater contains no 3rd party driver downloads. This means PerfectUpdater only installs drivers from the original manufacturers of your devices, OS or software, eliminating the risk of 3rd party malware infecting your system.