PerfectDisk 12.5 Service Pack 3 (Build 310) Released

PerfectDisk for data recoveryPerfectDisk 12.5 SP3 for Client and Console has been released.

Customers can run PerfectDisk, click Help and then select Check for Updates to immediately update to SP3.

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  1. I am scared to use 12.5 SP1 in case the problem of consolidating Windows 7 SP1 or Windows 8 system files as you so sucessfully did with XP as a long time user. Kindly reply

  2. I’m running build 290, and whenever I select ‘Check Updates’ it ALWAYS tells me I’m running the latest version, either with the startup screen or Help/check.

        1. Hi Javin, I see you qualify for an upgrade for the Pro license bundled with your Home Server license. I sent a request to customer service to send you your key. Download PerfectDisk 12.5 Pro and you’ll be on the free trial until they respond to your request tomorrow the latest. Download the free trial here: Once you input the key we provide, the “Getting Started” email series will stop.

  3. Does it make any practical sense to migrate from PD10 to 12.5? My mantra is “if it works, don’t fix it” If so, what is the dollar hit?

    1. Between PerfectDisk 10 and PerfectDisk 12.5, you missed the addition of OptiWrite for fragmentation prevention before it even occurs, StealthPatrol automatic background defragmentation, enhanced SMARTPlacement optimization strategy, SSD Optimize to consolidate free space on SSDs, additional flexible scheduling options, faster drive analysis and defrag of up to multi-TB drive size to name a few new features! An upgrade to PD 12.5 Pro is $19.99 for PD 10 owners.

    2. If you do decide to go for a upgrade to 12.5, remember to install the new version of PerfectDisk over your old install. You must download the new version for the new key to work.

  4. I’m too am running build 290, and whenever I select ‘Check Updates’ it ALWAYS tells me I’m running the latest version,
    Also the offline system file defrag does not seem to consolidate them as it used to.
    Please Help.

    1. Hi Ronald, Your email provider must have blocked the email we sent you in December with the new download link and new key for 12.5. 12.5 was really a new version and a new build, despite it being “mid” version. You must download 12.5 from the website and I will have customer service send you your new key. Download the new version here, over your old version: The new key will only work with the new download.

  5. Bugged program!
    i can’t right click on “drive preference”. Monit in window tile “Failed to Retrieve Settings” is”
    “Failed to save drive settings due to error -2147417851.”

    1. Something is preventing PerfectDisk from accessing your registry. I have submitted a customer support ticket for you with your email address.