Are You Running the Wrong Edition of PerfectDisk?

Server optimizationAs many of our customers who know the PerfectDisk brand make the transition from physical servers to virtualized systems, they aren’t necessarily aware of the critical difference between PerfectDisk Server and PerfectDisk vSphere or PerfectDisk Hyper-V.

Knowing the difference in the capabilities of these solutions can mean a choice between productivity-stifling I/O bottlenecks and an efficiently-run operation with a major return on investment.

PerfectDisk Server is the best solution for optimizing physical server performance but if you’re running servers in a virtualized setting, read on…

We asked Raxco’s Manager of Technical Services, Greg Hayes, what the difference is between PerfectDisk Server and PerfectDisk’s virtual solutions:

Q: What is the difference between PerfectDisk Server and PerfectDisk vSphere/Hyper-V Guest?

A: “The main difference between PerfectDisk Server and PerfectDisk vSphere/Hyper-V Guest is that PerfectDisk Server isn’t virtually aware; it has no way of knowing if it is running in a virtual environment. While you can install PerfectDisk Server in a guest, if StealthPatrol Auto-Optimization is enabled, PerfectDisk Server will run when the guest is idle regardless of whether the physical host is idle or not. If the host is very busy and PerfectDisk Server starts running in the guest, this increases the workload on the host and affects performance in other guests.”

Plus PerfectDisk vSphere and Hyper-V offer host-based licensing. This means you can run each license of PerfectDisk vSphere and and Hyper-V on unlimited virtual guest machines!

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Q: Tell us more about Virtualization Awareness in PerfectDisk vSphere and Hyper-V.

A: “PerfectDisk vSphere and Hyper-V are virtually aware. This means that when StealthPatrol Auto-Optimization is enabled, it will only optimize the guest when both the guest and the physical host are idle.

“PerfectDisk vSphere Guest and Hyper-V Guest are also able to detect:

-If a guest has snap shots (if so, defragmentation isn’t allowed)
-If the guest virtual hard drives are persistent/non-persistent (if non-persistent, it allows defragmentation but warns you that it isn’t necessary)
-If a virtual hard drive is thin-provisioned or thick-provisioned (if thin-provisioned, default defrag method is changed to something friendly to thin-provisioned storage)”

Q: Are there any other details you can provide regarding PerfectDisk Hyper-V?

A:”If you are in a multi-node environment and use Live Migration to migrate guests between hosts, PerfectDisk Hyper-V is able to detect when the host changes in order to monitor the correct host for resource usage.  The PerfectDisk Enterprise Console is used to configure PerfectDisk Hyper-V Guest.”

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Q: What else can you tell us about PerfectDisk vSphere?

A:”If you are in an ESX multi-host environment and use vMotion to migrate guests between hosts, PerfectDisk vSphere is able to detect when the physical host changes in order to monitor the correct host for resource usage.  The PerfectDisk Enterprise Console is used to configure PerfectDisk vSphere Guest – pointing PerfectDisk vSphere Guest to a specific ESX host or pointing to vCenter to monitor for host changes or resource usage.”

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    1. Hi Erica, I’m not sure what you mean regarding Windows 7 – PerfectDisk 12.5 Pro is compatible with Windows 7. As for Windows 8, we are working very closely with the Microsoft Windows 8 team in Redmond and have regular meetings with them. They have been making numerous changes to areas of Windows 8 that PerfectDisk deals with, and that is why we have not released a version running with Windows 8. We will support Windows 8.

  1. Curious… will Raxco be ending its support for the XP SP3 platform as it begins focusing more on Win8? I ask, for the 12.5 version on my WinXP platform has several issues (which has been submitted to tech support). Unfortunately, I have been told no new or patched version for v12.5 will be released to current users.

    1. Hi Scott, I apologize for the confusion. We had some problems in the support department that Joe addressed in a more recent blog post. We have made some changes and moving forward we will continue to provide the same great support we have been known for in the past. I have just been told that there is a patch for 12.5 coming out in a few weeks but I am not sure if it addresses the issues you encountered. Susie in customer support has been trying to get in touch with you to troubleshoot your issues but has not received a response. I will ask her to follow up again with the email address you provided here. Check your junk folder just in case.

      1. Dani…

        Sorry, I did not see this post.

        Anyhow, I just saw Susies most recent message. I sent her the full email chain with Euan (no longer working there) on 05/09/12. I recent the same chain again today to the email address it came from.

        Maybe it is NOT getting to her due to the case # getting cut-off in the subject line due to the multiple RE:??

        I asked her to respond to me and then I will include all of the supporting screen shots that raised my most recent set of issue(s).


        1. Hi Scott, I see your post came in at 7pm. I just got an answer from our tech support manager. We currently support XP/SP3 for PD12.5 There are no plans to drop support for XP/SP3 for PD12.5 in any upcoming PD12.5 Service Packs. Continued support for XP SP3 in the next version of PD has not been decided yet but he doesn’t see a reason to drop XP SP3 support in a potential PD13.

      1. We are working with Microsoft to develop a Windows 8-supported version of PerfectDisk. You can read more on Joe’s blog post last week titled “Windows 8 and PerfectDisk.” Are you having an issue with PD 12.5 and Windows 7?

      2. Dani…

        I am referring to Windows XP SP3, not Windows 7 or Windows 8.

        Can you check your answer to me on the continued support of PD for Windowx XP SP3??