Spring Cleaning: 4 Steps to Revive Your PC

Updated April 4, 2013

It’s that time of year again. Clean out your closets, reorganize the garage and turn your PC into the lean, mean, efficient machine it used to be!

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Spring Cleaning: 4 Steps to Revive Your PCStep 1: Clean Your Windows Registry

Remove clutter from your Windows registry, such as unwanted download add-ons and invalid keys from deleted programs. This will free up space in your registry and help speed up your PC by preventing hanging/freezing and crashes. Run a free scan with PerfectRegistry to find invalid registry entries.

You can manually remove invalid registry keys but we don’t recommend it. If you remove the wrong registry entry or make an unwanted change to a useful setting, you may crash your PC or corrupt the software currently installed on it. PerfectRegistry backs up your current settings as a safety measure before cleaning your registry for you.

Step 2: Update Your Drivers

If your computer, programs or devices aren’t running smoothly, it may be due to an outdated driver preventing your PC from properly communicating with the hardware, software or device that is behaving erratically. Manually updating drivers can be a lot of work, that is, if you know which drivers need updating. Run a free scan with PerfectUpdater to retrieve a list of outdated drivers.

Spring Cleaning: 4 Steps to Revive Your PCOnce PerfectUpdater provides you the list of outdated drivers, you can manually update them one-by-one from the manufacturers’ websites or use PerfectUpdater to automatically install all available original manufacturer updates.

Step 3: Defragment Your Hard Drive

Chances are when you’re using your computer you’re creating, editing, saving or deleting files — whether they are pictures, videos, documents, spreadsheets, emails or anything else. Every action mentioned here creates fragmentation in files and in free space.

File fragmentation creates a delay that makes you wait when you try to open a file or access different parts of a file. Free space fragmentation creates a delay that makes modifying or saving a file take longer than it should. Run a free scan with PerfectDisk to see the level of fragmentation on your PC.

After the scan, PerfectDisk will recommend the type of optimization your PC needs. Select the recommended method and optimize your hard drive with a free trial of PerfectDisk.

Spring Cleaning: 4 Steps to Revive Your PCStep 4: Block Intrusive Programs

Unwanted programs like viruses and spyware can go undetected to the naked eye. That’s the purpose of those pesky programs – they sit quiet until they literally attack your PC or even worse; your private data.

We’re bombarded by add-ons to 3rd party downloads, visits to infected websites, unsafe links shared on social media by friends (or hacked accounts), spam, phishing links and hackers accessing unsecured Wi-Fi networks — or even worse, spying on your through your own webcam. Protect your PC with PerfectGuard to detect, isolate and block keyloggers and other malware on your system.

Once you’ve quarantined all active threats, you can continue to protect your PC with a free trial of PerfectGuard.

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