I’m Back

Hello everyone!

Well, I didn’t really go away, but it’s certainly been quite awhile since I’ve communicated with you here. And I’m now back to again “speak” with you about what’s going on here at Raxco Software. And some major changes are in the works, which you’ll be reading about real soon. And I’ll again be weighing in with commentary and observations on the industry and whatever else I may feel like…

Stay tuned — I’m glad to be “back!”

Joe Abusamra
Vice President of Marketing/Operations

Category: Storage


  1. I appreciate your latest communication concerning tech support and Windows 8. Having been very pleased with my Raxco beta test support experience, it was a shock to deal with the normal tech support on a self-diagnosed (off-line defrag) issue with Windows 8. (I simply wanted to alert Raxco to the issue with Win 8 DP/CP.) I didn’t expect PD12/12.5 to work fully with Windows 8, but I felt like Raxco had out-sourced their “free” tech support to India.

    As my ongoing development efforts are focused on Windows 8, I need a reliable PD version for that environment (even though its not released). I look forward to Raxco’s implementation and would appreciate being considered for inclusion in any possible beta test.

    Thank you.