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Over the years, we built a reputation on superior technical support and customer service. It has been instilled in everyone here that the customer is the most important part of our business. That doesn’t mean we always give the answer that the customer wants to hear, but we are going to listen and we are going to do whatever we can to provide the best possible technical support and make things right from a service standpoint. And we try to be transparent and own up to what we do.

That exceptional technical support and customer service has won us over with many. We know we’ve won out over the competition with numerous businesses and home users because of our support. We know because they’ve told us.

Mea culpa — over the last several months we got away from that a bit. Our home office technical support was moved, and the results were not what we wanted or demand. A large part of the Raxco and PerfectDisk brand was built on exceptional service and support. Not ok, not pretty good — exceptional and superior. So we’re fixing it.

All our technical support has now been consolidated to our Maryland headquarters and we have expanded our staff with top talent. The new investment in technical support and customer service allows us to again deliver best-in-breed in those areas. We’ve also expanded our business technical support staff. As partial evidence, here’s an email one of our reps received yesterday from a customer:

“Thanks for the assistance in getting my PD12.5 back up and running as it should. The offline defrag ran through and defragged the metadata. You are a ‘legend’, hope you have a great day as you deserve one as far as I am concerned… Its eally nice to deal with someone who knows what they are doing and can sort out troubles asap, it has been a pleasure … ”

You don’t get that with “free.” And more changes are coming as we continue to look at ways to improve the support we provide.

Technical support and customer service — we’re focused.

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