PC Magazine’s Top 10 Desktops — optimize them

When considering new or upgraded technology these days, there’s no shortage of information available online. There are plenty of very smart, technically competent individuals writing blogs and tweeting that I would certainly respect and go to for advice. And while I certainly don’t take them as gospel, I still check on and rely to some degree (at least as part of due diligence) old standbys like CNET, WIndows IT Pro, PC World, etc.

Last week PC Magazine came out with its latest Top 10 Best Desktops list. Whether you completely agree with the list or not, it’s certainly not a bad place to start if you’re in the market. I do like the HP Omni 27 for video work (and play). Of course, if you are picking up a new desktop (or laptop or server) any time soon, remember to keep it running like new. Because if you’re running Windows, NTFS still fragments files and free space.

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