Windows 8 and PerfectDisk

Windows 8

Those of you who have been with us over the years know that we have historically been the first defragmentation and optimization utility to support new Microsoft operating systems. Indeed, we always are part of Microsoft’s pre-release teams. And Windows 8 is no exception…we are under non-disclosure and have had regular meetings with Microsoft’s Windows 8 team in Redmond for several months now. Microsoft also asks (and we happily oblige) for our input on various file sytem-related issues (note: I am not saying they always do what we ask :)). In other words, we are a partner of Microsoft’s in its Windows 8 development effort.

We of course have Windows 8 running in our internal engineering and testing labs, and we receive numerous updates — actually more than the general public. Since we work with the NTFS file system, we are at a low level that can have high impact when things don’t go right. Microsoft makes changes to their code in this area, and the impact to Windows 8 can be…let’s say interesting.

Windows 8 file system and defrag/optimize

So rather than subject our users to potentially serious and rapidly changing file system code, we are waiting to release a version of PerfectDisk that supports Windows 8. However, rest assured that we will support Windows 8, as we have always supported new Microsoft operating systems.

I’ll be updating you more on Windows 8 here in the coming weeks.

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  1. Brilliant, I have actually been in touch with Peter over at the UK office and requested to be a part of the beta process in due course.
    Will be closely following your blog and good luck with this project and Windows 8 (I am running the Win 8 64 bit version currently 🙂
    Regards John.