Internet Explorer 9 Covers Your Tracks

InternetExplorer9InPrivate Browsing – Keep Your Web Activity Under Wraps

Internet Explorer 9 (IE 9) has a feature that will allow you to browse in private. This feature prevents anyone who might be using your computer from seeing which websites you have visited and what you have looked at on the web.

This feature will configure Internet Explorer not to retain anything that you do within that browsing session. Essentially, it’s covering your tracks.

The private browsing protection is only in effect during the time that you use the window. You can open multiple tabs within the same window and it will remain protected. Once the window is closed, the browsing protection is turned off.

To enable InPrivate Browsing just press Ctrl+Shift+P or just click the Safety option on the IE 9 toolbar then click the InPrivate Browsing option.

You can also configure the InPrivate settings under the same safety tab. There are explanations of the options on the settings window that opens.

For more information about InPrivate Browsing please see:

-Susie Colon, Raxco Technical Support

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