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Have you ever had problems communicating your technical issues to product support representatives? Are you the “family computer expert” or PC problem solver and unable to provide remote access to your computer?

If you answered yes to these questions, then you can use a nifty tool in Windows 7 to record your problems and easily send the recording to the recipient for review.  If you’re the problem solver, it’s easy for the user to send to you.

The tool is called Problem Steps Recorder (PSR). It helps in troubleshooting situations where seeing the issue is better than having to describe it by phone or email.

PSR will record the steps that a user takes to reproduce a problem. Once started, it grabs screenshots up until the point where the recording is stopped. Once the recording is stopped, the tool will compile a file for you to add comments if needed. Once saved, it will compress the file so that it can easily be emailed for analysis.

To use the tool, go to Start-Search and type PSR. Click on PSR in the list to open the tool. To start recording, press Start Record. To stop recording, press Stop Record. Once you’re finished adding comments, in the comments field, click Save As in the dialog box, create a name for the file and then press Save.

To view what you have recorded, open the .zip file that you saved and then double click the file within it. The document will open in your browser.

You can then email the .zip file to you technical support provider (whether they are professional or family member)  to provide a visual view of the problem.

For more information on this tool, please see:

Use PSR—your technical support rep (or friend or family member) will thank you!

-Susie Colon, Raxco Technical Support

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  1. You don’t say in your article that you must have Windows 7 Professional to get the PSR tool. Most people only have Windows 7 Premium.

  2. How well does it work with MS-Word? Sorry, I can’t check it myself as none of my machines have it installed.

    The reason I ask is that QA automation/scripting tools always have trouble validating contents of the MS-Word documents. This includes (but isn’t limited to) IBM Rational Robot and others.

    The problem lies in the fact that MS, in their infinite wisdom, made Word to use anonymous working windows with names generated on the fly. Because the names differ from run to run…bingo, scripting tools got problems.

    Our QA team historically used work-arounds like cut-and-pasting documents and comparing the clipboard contents, PrtScrn messages etc. None are truly satisfactory.

    So, do you know if MS found a solution for that?


    1. The PSR tool records everything on the screen including MS Word so if you have issues with that program then the tool will record all of the steps you took to reproduce the problem.