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I wrote recently about our efforts to once again provide superior technical support. We consolidated our Support and Customer Services teams at our company headquarters, increased our staff, and beefed up our training. We believe we’ve taken great strides in these areas, and I’m receiving feedback that backs this up.

Jason Gereben is a technology journalist in San Francisco. Gereben wrote to tell us that while he is not in the habit of writing endorsements, he wanted to make an exception. Gereben added:

“…too bad you don’t have a category for kudos…:) This is a note about quick and efficient help from Susie Colon to thank her for resolving a simple problem in a simple way. For various reasons, I was thinking of trying another application, but great customer support made me want to stay…”

Thanks for letting us know, Jason. Thanks for the great support, Susie.

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  1. Susie has been very helpful to me the couple of rare times I have needed assistance.

    Joe, you might remember our mutual employer two decades ago. Remember the VP that overhauled support and all the customers got upset? 10 years later, one of those customers told me that their support had never ben the same since the middle of that decade and the overhaul. That really meant a lot to me personally, and to me it just reaffirms why customer service, including tech and non-tech support, is key to customer retention and word-of-mouth recommendations.

      1. Oops, sorry. I’m Ray Mullins; I was in Complete and Natural Process support back then. (I guess this posted with WordPress where it just has my user name.)