PerfectDisk 12.5 Service Pack 4 (Build 311)

PerfectDiskThe PerfectDisk 12.5 Client and Enterprise Console have been updated to Service Pack 4 (Build 311).

The PerfectDisk Client contains the following changes:

  1. Fixed a bug in handling of missed schedules.
  2. Fixed a bug causing significant CPU consumption in the PDAgent service.
  3. Improved identification of snapshots and other virtual machine properties in vSphere virtual guest.
  4. Updated group policy files, including options for reclaiming free space before defragmentation, deleting temp files and emptying recycle bin in scheduled defrags.
  5. OptiWrite and auto optimizatioins are now by default disabled for new drives.
  6. Consistent setting of Disk I/O threshold in Stealth configuration across different PerfectDisk clients.
  7. Fixed incorrect enabling of boot time defragmentation and auto optimization on the drives set as excluded via drive options in global settings.
  8. Reclaiming free space before defragmentation has been enabled as an option in config.ini.
  9. Changed handling of the drives not present in a VM in virtual guest.

The PerfectDisk Console contains the following changes:

  1. Improved spacing of table columns.
  2. Fixed an error in synchronization with PD 11 clients.
  3. Fixed inconsistentsy between console and client alert settings.
  4. Fixed incorrect handling of free space options and Kernel and user mode CPU settings during assignment of configuration profiles.
  5. Improved handling of alerts.

In PerfectDisk, users can click Help then Check for Updates to immediately update to SP4, or wait for AutoUpdate.

NOTE: If you are at Build 290, you can’t autoupdate to this latest service pack. Build 290 is PD 12, not 12.5. Customer Service can get you your 12.5 key if you don’t have it.

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    1. Hi Scott,

      Thanks for the comment. This service pack does not address S.M.A.R.T issues, which I believe is what your cosmetic and operational issues were for. We appreciate the input and have not discarded them, although we were not able to get into this service pack.


  1. I’m currently running build 290 on my PCs, and if I do a “Check for updates” it gives be back the message that I’m already running the latest version.
    This means that all PCs running version 290 will not update automatically even if set to do it.
    Beware and install your update manually.

    1. Hi Joao,

      Right — Build 290 is PerfectDisk 12.0 – it is not PD 12.5. Checking for updates in PD12.0 will NOT update you to current build of PD12.5. To upgrade, please contact Customer Service and they will get you the license key and download link you need.


  2. Hello:

    I uninstall PerfecDisk 12.5 Build 310 for the following problems:

    1 – Errors in the Event Viewer:

    a- The system failed to flush data to the transaction log. Corruption may occur.

    b- {Delayed Write Failed} Windows was unable to save all the data for the file. The data has been lost

    c- Unable to read the disk performance information from the system

    2 – BSOD related to : No Page Area, IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL and Windows Subsystem

    3- Unable of detect SMART Values of Hard Drive WD Caviar ​​2 TB SATA II.

    After uninstalling PerfectDisk 12.5 all problems were solved completely

    I ask: PerfectDisk 12.5 Service Pack 4 (Build 311) solves the above problems?, When will be released PerfectDisk 13?



    1. Hi Nelson,

      The system failed to flush data to the transaction log. Corruption may occur.
      b- {Delayed Write Failed} Windows was unable to save all the data for the file. The data has been lost

      These messages indicate a hardware issue, not PerfectDisk. But you can contact Technical Support to confirm.


      1. Hello:

        No problems with hardware, the PC has passed all sorts of tests CPU, RAM, Motherboard and Hard Disk without presenting any failure, in fact the PC works a average 12 hours a daily without any kind of problem or register of fault in the Windows Event Log after uninstall PerfectDisk 12.5 Build 310.

        An important point is that never failure during a Manual Defrag of any Hard Drive (2 WD Caviar Sata II internal of 1 TB and 2 TB and a WD USB 3 external of 1 TB), but every day failed the PC with a BSOD or freeze and I was to do a restart manually.

        All the faults mentioned was solved by uninstalling PerfectDisk 12.05 Build 310.

        Any ideas on the fault and PerfectDisk 12.5?, Maybe some incompatibility with other software or Windows XP SP3 Update?

        Thank you.


        1. Hi Nelson,

          I communicated with Susie in Tech Support and she indicated she has asked for some information to be sent. Please continue to work with her to resolve. She is better equipped to resolve than me here.


  3. “2.Fixed a bug causing significant CPU consumption in the PDAgent service.”

    I am very glad this was addressed. It became obvious that something in the past 2 months made PD go bonkers and would create hang conditions at random points in the defrag process – with no rhyme or reason. I’d be willing to bet something changed in the Win Environment that precipitated this; perhaps something that rolled out in a Windows Update. In any event, we’ll have to wait and see if it rectifies the issue on our machines. It got so bad we uninstalled PD across the board. If this Service Pack fixes it, I’ll be relieved. 12.5 was so fast and transparent for many months; watching it start to come to a crawl and randomly hang was aggravating as hell.

  4. Peformed exhaustive comparisons between PD11 and PD12.5.
    Smartplacement runs on PD11 run flawless on the same base comparison system, over time and on repeated iterations. Smartplacement on PD12.5 will slow to crawl and appears to be a function of “building confusion over time”. Could this be result of some type of index table corruption? Tech support won’t answer questions so we will never know. If you experience hangs at 5%, 7% and 52% repeatedly – take note of the files reported on the GUI when this is happening. There are repeat offenders that don’t play nice with PD and you will see them clear as day.

    The truth is, PD11 was a pretty stellar product. PD12 was rushed to release and had issues. PD12.5 came out a few months later in an effort to fix things but Raxco masked it as an enhancement release. What changed? It’s clear OptiWrite has something to do with it.

    1. Hi Tony,

      12.5 was not released to fix things. Yes, as always, there were bug fixes, but the primary goal of 12.5 was to introduce Space Management. I’m not sure of your specific issues with our Tech Support team, but I will talk to them. We do have a few million people and a few thousand businesses running 12.5. I am not diminishing what you have experienced and I believe what you are saying in your instances, but not everyone is experiencing this.


  5. Joe,

    To be fair, I’m not quite sure what the relevance of “not everyone is experiencing this” is.
    A vast number of users probably go the “set it and forget it” route and are blind to the inner workings of the software. It actually takes engaging the program and watching its behavior real-time. These stand alone clients (Home and Pro) are not equals of the enterprise platforms and I don’t think it’s fair to confuse the two. It’s pretty clear to us that PDengine is prone to sluggishness and hanging in version 12.5. What we’ve seen on multiple platforms and over time is predictable; and better judgement would suggest you guys are aware of this anomoly.

    It’s not rocket science and it has been reported elsewhere on the web.

    1. Hi Tony,

      The only reason I mentioned “not everyone” is because upon reading your post, the conclusion was we knowingly put out a crappy product, rushed it out, and 12.5 is generally not functioning in our install base. Which is not the case.

      Moving on, let’s forget that and I’ll retract that irrelevant statement. Based on my initial view of the case, we do not know what the problem is. My records that I have seen so far indicate our Tech Support has offered to troubleshoot. But perhaps I am wrong on that. Please give me a little time and I will research further. It could be that it is not rocket science, but at this time I don’t know what “it” is. I’ll try to find out.


  6. My suggestion to you Joe would be not to make grand assumptions that translate into putting words into the mouth of paying customers.

    “Crappy Product”;
    “Generally not functioning in our install base”
    were not my words. It is however valuable to others scouring the web to find historical information in relation to problems experienced – hence my participation here. We’ve travelled with Raxco since version 7 and are keen to how your program behaves.

    To others that may land here, our experience is as detailed above and can be demostrated on various stand-alone workstations with and without any anti-virus mucking things up.

    Platform specifics
    >1TB primary hard drive faciliated through various Intel based raid configurations
    Windows 64 bit; Professional and Ultimate
    A minimum of 6 GB or system ram

    On a fresh install, with complete removal of all PD registry keys, the program runs fairly smooth for several weeks. Then Smartplacement passes begin to take longer to execute.
    At about the 8 week mark, manual Smartplacement passes will hang at repeatable %completion points. This is in conjunction with Optiwrite enabled but no scheduled “Stealth” passes allowed. No error codes pop via GUI dialogs when the program hangs nor do any Windows Events post. PD will simply sit and spin on a file and the host system HDD activity light will NOT be active. The program closes without a problem.

    Upon removal of PD12.5 and reinstallation of PD11, manual Smartplacement defrag passes run fine and fast as before.

    1. Hi Tony,

      My apologies; my intent was not to put words in your mouth.

      You did write — “tech support won’t answer questions.” The last communication to you from our tech support was “sorry to hear” that you were experiencing problems” and “we would need to troubleshoot to see what the problem is. If you ever want to do that then just email me and we can continue where we left off.” The tech support rep never heard back from you after that. I can tell you that I am not going to be able to troubleshoot it here and even if I wanted to do it here, I’m not the right person to do so. I would suggest you contact tech suport again to see if we can help you.

      You did write — “The truth is, PD11 was a pretty stellar product. PD12 was rushed to release and had issues. PD12.5 came out a few months later in an effort to fix things but Raxco masked it as an enhancement release.” PD 12.5 was a release with enhancements and new features in addition to bug fixes. In our mind, we did not “mask” anything nor “rush to release,” but I understand that is your opinion.

      Again, we are sorry for your experience. It would be best to resolve this through technical support. They are offering to help.


  7. We in fact did engage Suzie in tech support and provided her timely answers to her questions. What did happen was she ignored ours…and then replied with a canned response. So, piece meal misrepresentation by virtue of selective grabs of email communications serve no real justice.

    By the way, I can’t remember a time when we experienced a “facebook” style exchange on a professional products forum site. We certainly don’t cut and paste email communications in that fashion in our business sector. Oh the internet…

    Lastly, we never expected you to troubleshoot the problem for us here – insitu.
    If that was the impression given, my apologies.
    We are just documenting the symptoms for individuals lookin for pieces to the puzzle.