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Certara and Perfectdisk optimizationWith headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri and offices around the globe, Certara is a forward-thinking technology company. Certara is dedicated to improving human health by offering a broad spectrum of software products and services, with special focus on supporting translational approaches to drug development. The company addresses challenges from early drug discovery through clinical development, and delivers solutions that eliminate translational science bottlenecks and impediments. With over 6,000 users and a world-renowned international research and development team, Certera was the first company to bring computer aided, scientific computational drug discovery capabilities to the pharmaceutical industry.

Pretty hefty stuff. And pretty heady stuff.

Jeff Miesner is a Microsoft engineer and systems architect for Certera. He has been a PerfectDisk home user for over 10 years. Over that time, Miesner was never in a position to oversee the use of PerfectDisk at his place of employment. But he has always been a fan of PerfectDisk, not only from a technology standpoint, but also appreciating that “customer support has always been top notch.” Having great technology is of course important, but in a business environment he understands that technical support is also critical.

Recently, Miesner implemented Microsoft System Center Operations Manager at Certara.  As soon as he did, he “started receiving all sorts of alerts about fragmentation.” This didn’t surprise him, but he saw it as an opportunity to address the problem with PerfectDisk. Certara is a full Microsoft shop, but he found that Microsoft’s defragmentation solution was not up to the challenge of proactively addressing the problem on his the companies servers.  So he turned to PerfectDisk:

“[PerfectDisk] does an incredible job without eating all the process power of the servers and he has the ability to schedule around backups.”

“As a Microsoft Engineer and systems architect, I truly appreciate what your software does.  All I needed was the proof (system alerts) in quantity and the ability to show what the ROI is.”

The solution is implemented across Certara’s physical and virtual servers. PerfectDisk vSphere helps reduce I/O bottlenecks and improve virtualization performance across the company’s vSphere servers. Certara also runs Microsoft Exchange and uses PerfectDisk Exchange to improve Exchange performance, recapture wasted space and save Exchange administrator time and resources.

International pharmaceutical company. Very real and severe problems experienced by businesses and enterprises around the world.

Real world fix — the proactive, automatic defragmentation and optimization solution used worldwide across all industries. Learn more about PerfectDisk vSphere

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