Your online banking and shopping — not as secure as you think

Security for Internet banking and online shopping

Traditional anti-virus software reacts too slowly to protect you from all malware threats. This software only looks for known threats. Granted, those threats can cause devastating damage, so by using anti-virus software and eliminating those threats, you take a big step toward a more secure environment.

But if the threat is not yet known by your anti-virus software — if it is “zero day” malware — then you have a problem. The anti-virus software programs will get updated tomorrow. But that won’t help you today. Before tomorrow comes, your banking and credit card information could be exploited. Your email address could be attacked.

So while anti-virus software is good, it’s reactive. Like most things in life, proactive is better. Because the bad guys are out there.

Protect your computer from the bad guys

What would help? A tool that goes further than just protecting you against known threats will make you more protected and safer online. A tool that uses sophisticated real-time behavioral analysis to continuously monitor your computer for suspicious activity. A tool that detects if something or someone is recording your keystrokes, trawling your hard drive, or tampering with your system. A tool that lets you feel comfortable surfing the web or performing online activities.

Coming this summer.

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