Coming back — on our way

Coming back -- on our way

I wrote a couple of months ago about our efforts to refocus on our core competencies. This included a mission to deliver best-of-breed performance, virtualization and storage management solutions, along with superior technical support and customer service to the enterprise, small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and home and home office markets. While we still have much work to do, I believe we have made great strides.

From a business and revenue standpoint, we just completed our best month and quarter in over a year, and are seeing growth in all parts of our business. This was led by rapid growth in our virtualization business, as we gained new enterprise customers and reestablished commitments with other long-term businesses and partners. As companies and government agencies become more entrenched with virtualization, they find that I/O bottlenecks and resource contention are problems that, if left unattended to, will result in the benefits of virtualization not being fully realized. And that’s when solutions like PerfectDisk vSphere and PerfectDisk Hyper-V help significantly. Furthermore, while PerfectDisk Home, Professional and Server continue to serve the needs of the Windows community, the success of the introduction of RamDisk Plus has exceeded our expectations. Quite simply, it has taken off because it works and users see the speed improvements to their systems almost instantly.

On the technical support and customer service side, we are getting back to our “old ways.” Once again, unsolicited emails and other communications are coming in, praising the efforts of our support and service teams.

The increased investment in R&D and technical support is paying off. That doesn’t mean all our challenges are solved or there will not be bumps along the way. I understand that. But I believe great strides have been made over the last 2 months, which lay the groundwork for the months ahead, as we continue to focus  on our customers — delivering solutions you need with the technical support you require. I’ll end with just a small sampling of some of the feedback that has come in recently.

“…RamDisk Plus…without a question, things DID speed up drastically and I was happy having found yet another way to improve my every day use of my computer….So all I am saying is: Try It! and see for yourself! Thank you Raxco; I am a happy customer and because of your brilliant work with the programs I have purchased so far, I will continue to be a customer of your company!”

Richard Sotrebo

“…Honestly, I don’t think I would have bought this from anyone but Raxco. I’ve purchased Perfect Disk and Perfect Registry, both products I love. I trust you guys with my hard drive data and my registry. A bug in either program could destroy my computer, but they both work flawlessly. I trust your quality…”

Jerry Lerman

“Quality tech support is sometimes hard to get and I’m sure it is difficult to provide, but you have done a fine job and I do appreciate it.”

Phil Coates

“Management should know of your dedication and time devoted to make a long time user of your product a believer again…I believe this has increased the life of the hard drives and the information stored on them. I am glad you came to the rescue!”

Paul Gambardella
Thank you for your business, your continued support and your continued trust in Raxco Software.

To all our customers,  thank you for your business, your continued support and your continued trust in Raxco Software. We do not take it lightly.

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  1. From a purely personal perspective, I’d love to see some pricing options aimed at the IT geek who tinkers with technologies at home and in his spare time. For instance, I use the free VMware ESXi to host a handful (four, to be precise) small servers in my home. I currently have a license for PerfectDisk Server for the Win2k8 guest, and I would love to play with PerfectDisk vSphere and Enterprise Console, but there’s no way I can afford a license – even $100 for the Server license took a big chunk out of my hobby budget. Please consider a “Home use only” license bundle for we hungry geeks.