Coming back — technical support and customer service

Susie Colon, Raxco Software Technical Support

As I’ve mentioned in this space a few times recently, technical support and customer service are areas where we have rededicated ourselves. We want to provide a customer experience that exceeds expectations. Do we always succeed? No, but we have made what I believe are huge strides in the last couple of months, as we have consolidated out technical support and customer service functions to our headquarters here in Maryland.

Complaints are way down and appreciation from our users is way up. Below is an example of the type of communication we receive every day. I want to thank Susie Colon and our entire technical support and service teams for the work they’re doing. And to our users, who let us know when we get it right (and when we don’t).

“Once again, Ms. Colon I truly appreciate your understanding and the continued fine service Raxco employees give to its customers. That is one reason of many others I have stayed with your products for over ten years, even participating as a beta tester now and then.”

Clarence E. Williamson

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