Real-time, proactive antilogger — PerfectGuard is coming next week

Proactive anti-malware protection from PerfectGuard -- coming soon

The internet brings the world into your home, which is great. Until things go wrong.

Online shopping, banking and social networking can all enrich your life greatly. But there is malware, such as keyloggers, that can cause you great harm if they infect your computer.

Traditional antivirus software is needed, protecting you from some of the ugliest and most widespread viruses. However, it can be too slow and not the right answer for several kinds of malware. Antivirus software covers known threats; it is reactive and can’t address “zero day” malware.

Proactive anti-malware protection is needed to compliment your antivirus software. Protection that uses sophisticated real-time behavioral analysis to continuously monitor your computer for suspicious activity. The bad person recording your every keystroke, including bank and credit card account information and personal notes. Capturing your entire screen at the most vulnerable time. Recording your webcam activity, and even switching your webcam when you’re not present. Accessing your hard drive contents and RAM, and all that they contain.

Isn’t your bank site secure? Yes, very secure. But malicious malware is not spying on your bank’s web site. It spies on your computer, not the sites you use. So it can take the user name and password you enter, or access your hard drive with password and other information.

PerfectGuard Home Screen

Only a proactive product that can detect malware in real-time without waiting for the latest malware signatures can help protect you from this type of activity. One that specifically offers:

  • SSL logger protection
  • Keylogger protection
  • Screen logger protection
  • Webcam logger protection
  • Clipboard logger protection
  • System defense against registry and RAM attacks

With such a product, there is no need to download latest virus signatures. No need to wait for updates from a virus lab. No need to scan files. No need to be reactive, but rather be proactive while looking for suspicious activity.

The wait is almost over.

PerfectGuardTM — coming next week.

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