After firewall and antivirus, third layer of protection — PerfectGuard

Antilogger protection -- beyond antivirusFew users risk running a computer without a firewall and an antivirus application. Yet, there is malicious malware that can bypass that protection. This type of malware is typically related to online purchases and banking, although it can really attack anything you are doing at your computer.

Most malware protection programs depend on maintaining a huge database of up-to-date infection descriptions, and it can take a day or two, or even longer, to update those databases. But there is a huge amount of highly sensitive information that is available through a security hole that bypasses any firewall or antivirus software. This information can be accessed by malware. This malware can record your keystrokes to obtain user name and password information, search your hard drive for sensitive information, or tamper with your system. It can capture your entire screen. It can access your webcam. It can even bypass the protection provided via SSL on financial sites, because that SSL protection deals with data sent over the internet. It does not protect what you enter on your screen at that time.

There is, however, protection for all these threats.

“Since installing PerfectGuard, I finally have real peace of mind and confidence that I’ve done everything possible to assure that all my online activities are completely private and secure,” said Dan Beninati, Systems Engineer at TeraMaxx USA. “PerfectGuard provides an additional layer of protection, beyond my antivirus/malware product, greatly reducing my fear that every online or offline move I make on my PC, including my banking and other financial transactions, has the potential to be captured.”

PerfectGuardTM – coming tomorrow.

PerfectGuard --real-time anti-malware

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