Raxco Software Goes Live on VMware Solution Exchange

Raxco Software has been a VMware Partner for over four years; we pioneered the optimization of virtual guest machines and host, along with our virtual awareness to ensure the problems of resource contention between guest machines, and between guest and host, do not occur.

“We’re now happy to announce that PerfectDisk is up on the VMware Solution Exchange (VSX). The VSX is a “single destination site for partners to share their compatible VMware applications.” PerfectDisk is a VMware Ready application and you can now find information about the product and related white papers and case studies on the site.  In the future we expect to have some product videos there as well.

We see VSX as an important platform for creating a greater awareness in the VMware community about the impact of file and free space fragmentation on virtualized I/O performance.  The VSX will serve as a repository for technical information on how system throughput and disk latency are affected by the behavior of the Windows file system.  It will also be a source of information on the use of disk optimization technology with SANs; particularly on how it works with thin-provisioning, snapshots and clones, change block tracking and replication.

Check out PerfectDisk in the VSX at: https://solutionexchange.vmware.com/store/products/perfectdisk-12-5-vsphere–2

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