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college student with laptopWhether you’re a self-taught professional or your college major is (or was) a creative one, like graphic design, cinematography, journalism and interior design; technical like architecture, civil engineering and computer science; or if you plan to take online college courses – or spend a lot of time using word processing, spreadsheet or database software – there is one thing you all have in common: the use of resource-intensive applications.

Document Writing & Spreadsheet Management

Whether you’re a creative writing, English or journalism major, or you just plan on writing tons of papers and managing other files, you will be doing a lot of writing, editing, file-saving and deleting. These are simple tasks with system performance-degrading consequences.

The more files you create, edit, and delete, the more fragmentation will build up on your hard drive. This is inevitable. Even the newest computers suffer from fragmentation (which means in order to open a single file, your system must look for multiple file fragments scattered across your hard drive – which takes longer than finding the entire file in one place). The result of fragmentation is a slowdown of file access, reduced responsiveness while editing, slower system start up and unnecessary lengthy backup times. Longtime Raxco customers know that you can eliminate these issues by running PerfectDisk® to maintain your files and system drives.

Resource-Intensive Software

Creative and technical professionals use graphically-intensive photo editing, video editing, CAD and other resource-intensive software to produce images, video and technical design plans. These files are usually kept on a dedicated media drive. It is important to run PerfectDisk not only on your system drives but additional media drives as well. Why?

Media drives must be defragmented because creating and editing multiple files of varying sizes will result in fragmentation, slowing down file access. Once these files are deleted or moved, the deleted fragments of these files leave in their place fragmented free space, which again leads to file fragmention when writing to this scattered space. PerfectDisk’s built-in free space consolidation algorithm combined with intelligent defrag plus future fragmentation prevention maintains all of your drives for peak performance and speedy file access.

The above scenario is even more critical for video editors and other professionals who work with enormous file sizes. Large video files create massive free space fragmentation across your media drives once they are deleted or moved. PerfectDisk handles the optimization of 500 GB and multi-TB drives with ease. Once the initial defragmentation pass is complete, fragmentation is reduced by our patented SMARTPlacementTM filing strategy and prevented with OptiWriteTM, eliminating the need for most future defragmentation, even on the largest drives. This can be performed automatically with PerfectDisk, in the background while your system is idle, using minimal CPU resources.

Another issue PerfectDisk solves for video editors is choppy video playback. Your frame rate is the number of frames captured (and viewed) per second. For the smoothest recordings you want to achieve the highest frame rate. If your system becomes overburdened and the recorder cannot keep up, the recorder will drop frames. Fragmentation results in reduced video frame rates which slow down playback making your video appear choppy.

Video Lectures

Online classes and some classroom courses offer video lectures as streaming videos on the Internet and downloadable video files you can play on your computer. Although streaming video offers online access to class lectures, zero loading time and smooth playback aren’t guaranteed.

If you’ve downloaded video files, you should also make sure your video card driver is up-to-date with PerfectUpdater to improve video quality and performance. Fragmentation also affects video playback in the form of reduced video frame rates as mentioned above. To ensure smooth video performance and avoid choppy playback, prevent fragmentation with PerfectDisk.

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