WoW subscribers down; still over 9 million seeking high performance

World of Warcraft -- defrag MPQ files to boost performance

PC Magazine reported last week that Activision Blizzard’s World of Warcraft (WoW), the hugely popular subscription-based massively multiplayer online game lost 1.1 million subscribers during the company’s second fiscal quarter of 2012. That’s a pretty big number, so certainly not insignificant. But even with that loss, there are still over 9.1 million players worldwide. There are various reasons for the decline, including competitive games and geographical issues. But even the loss to competitive games are often other Blizzard games.

Nevertheless, for those 9 million-plus users, the game is still king. And those players are always on the lookout to improve their performance. WoW’s large MPQ files are often a culprit to performance problems. And thousands of WoW players already boost WoW performance with a clean defrag of their MPQ files, which get updated, and fragmented, via weekly updates.

So whether there are 9 million or 12 million World of Warcraft users, PerfectDisk remains there for them.

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    1. Hi Joe — I don’t play, but have had several people tell me that the MPQ files are updated and fragmented, like Lee Morris in one of the Related Posts. So fragmentation is not an issue for you with WoW? Thanks.

      1. While MPQ files don’t suffer from successive fragmentation, they most definitely benefit from being contiguous, and also being able to move them to higher performing parts of the disk drive is a good feature to have. However, MPQ files do get updated (not all, though) and fragmentation does occur.