PerfectDisk 12.5 Service Pack 5 coming October 10th

PerfectDisk 12.5 Service Pack 5, with updates for all components, is scheduled for next month, October 10th.

We are now in the final stages of testing, heading for our code freeze later this month. As many have been asking for and wondering about PerfectDisk 13, “just” another service pack doesn’t sound like such a big deal. But this isn’t your ordinary service pack, as it has involved a big engineering effort.

To many of you, the big thing you have been patiently waiting for is full, official support for Windows 8. This arrives with SP5.

Our business users will also see major changes to the PerfectDisk Enterprise Console, which will significantly ease management, deployment, patching and upgrading of PerfectDisk clients, including workstations and servers. Our virtualization solutions, PerfectDisk vSphere and PerfectDisk Hyper-V will also greatly benefit from the Enterprise Console enhancements. Much of the work that has been done involved rearchitecturing, which meant a lot of work under the covers.

Major enhancements have been made to the PerfectDisk Enterprise Console in the following areas:

  • deployment
  • patching
  • license management
  • task management
  • database improvements.

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  1. Hello, I really hope this new update increase the speed and reduce the time to do a manual defragmentation job, current version 12.5 is slow, I just compare to diskeeper, Oo defrag and similar softwares.

    1. Andy, another thing to note is our default setting for the initial defrag will give you the most thorough defrag. You can change it to the Quick Defrag option instead of SMARTPlacement for the quickest defrag on the market. The reason we set the initial defrag to SMARTPlacement is to thoroughly eliminate all the fragmentation other defrag tools miss in their quick initial defrag passes.

      1. Okay, thanks. Any sneak hints you could possibly give us about PD 13? At any rate, I’m looking forward to PD 12.5 SP5, as, I’m already running Windows 8. (MSDN member)

  2. Funny, been reading for the last several months how PD 12.5 supports Win8, was a bit surprised that it doesn’t for Win8 RTM. Guess we’ll have to wait till SP5 comes out before reinstalling.

  3. Hi Thee. Does the boot time defrag has being improved? for example to customize if PD will show some kind of notification that a boot defrag is needed?. And also that you can schedule it to run every x day? for example every 30 of the month or every 2nd Monday? I think this is a much needed feature in order to optimize even futher the drives and automate this boot defrag.


      1. Hi Joe, yes there is scheduling for boot defrag, but it’s not practical, because even that you can set an specific day of the week, you have to setup an hour, and if the computer is on and the hour is met, then the computer will auto-reboot which is not practical if you want to leave on your computer. Also you could only shcedule boot defrag weekly, not monthly.

        What needs to be done is to just set the boot defrag schedule to run at every x day of the week or every 20 day of the month (for example) without any specific hour, so if the day has come and the computer is on, then the boot defrag is done in the next reboot.

        This simple approach is present in free defrag software by the way