SMB Virtualization — Interview with Logikworx CEO John Obeto

This past week I had the chance to catch up with John Obeto, the hard-charging CEO and Chief Technology Officer of Logikworx. Logikworx, with offices in 3 continents and headquartered in Los Angeles, is a solution provider dedicated to providing managed services, systems, network, and security solutions for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). The company also provides real-time network and security monitoring, and management of IT services for select clients. Logikworx is growing rapidly, so much so that it is also beginning to expand its expertise into the support of larger enterprises.

As Raxco moves more and more into the virtualization performance and virtualization optimization areas, I welcomed the opportunity to obtain some perspective from John, whose company is deep into virtualization. Here are some excerpts from my interview with Obeto:

What are the biggest benefits you see for an SMB to move to a virtualized environment?

Obeto: First, it will see an almost immediate reduction in server hardware capital expenses due to higher capacity utilization of primarily their servers. In addition, better security and reliability. And, if properly designed, virtualization would deliver some higher availability and recovery benefits.

What risks, if any, do you see for SMBs moving to a virtualized environment. Any thoughts on system performance?

Obeto: The risks of virtualization today are very minimal, as virtualization today is not the Wild West it was a few years ago. Between Microsoft’s Hyper-v and VMware’s eponymous product, most SMBs would be very well taken care of. When you add Citrix and their Xen VDI product line, SMBs are pretty well covered. The primary, and most important downside is lock-in, with whatever hypervisor or platform they choose.

A reduction in system performance is the first thing we plan against. That’s why we never have a blueprint we work off of when looking at a client’s infrastructure. We may look at industry best practices documents and draw upon our own experiences and best practices, but at the end, any virtualization plan has to be part of an encompassing 5-year vision for the company. That means that current and planned hardware must fit into that vision, and take the company where it needs to go.

For a virtualized environment, what do you like – Hyper-V? VMware? Other?

Obeto: What are you trying to do, get me banned from Redmond? Or from my vFriends? Seriously though, at Logikworx, we have segmented it as so: Hyper-v for SMBs and a determination based on individual use cases for the larger SMBs and the midmarket. Mind you, these are guidelines only. If the client’s specific infrastructure based on our and the client’s vision demands it, we would always use the better option.

What, if any, storage considerations are there that you see when moving to a virtualized environment…anything special to worry about, any gotchas?

Obeto: Excellent question. Virtualization places a greater demand on storage assets than bare metal. Resultantly, one of the points we try to pound in with our client companies is the need for better performing, and more robust storage subsystems. The server, networking and storage components must be working in perfect synchronicity. Anything else introduces either latency or unreliability into the infrastructure. And for smaller businesses, faults are almost always noticeable, unlike larger enterprises.

One of the factors that endears Raxco to us is the PerfectDisk line of storage optimization products. PerfectDisk is in use throughout our company, and is a product we recommend without reservation. It also helps that it has won the SmallBizWindows Utility Of The Year Award in consecutive years.

I couldn’t agree more…and the reason we’re so focused on the PerfectDisk virtualization solutions!

John, as a big Boston Celtics fan, and knowing you are a huge fan of the Los Angeles Lakers, the Celtics’ chief rival, I can’t let you get away without a basketball question. The Lakers just did what they always seem to do — make a great acquisition for seemingly a steal. Obtaining Dwight Howard — did that clinch the next World Championship for your favorite team?

Obeto: Nothing against Mike Brown, but it’s on him right now to reel the championship in. If he has the ears and respect of the players, they can do a lot of damage. I only hope and pray that we – the World Champion Los Angeles Lakers – have enough gas to get two more championships for the Black Mamba, aka the Insane K08e. To say that that would make my [sports] decade would be like saying the Curiosity went for a walk!

I’m sorry, but that’s one dream of yours I hope does not get fulfilled!

I appreciate your time, John. Any last thoughts?

Obeto: After all is said and done, not all companies or infrastructure need virtualization. It ultimately depends on what they use computing for, and where they’d be five to ten years out.

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