PerfectFileRecovery — Restores deleted files other tools can’t

Whether or not we heed the advice of experts, we all know in our minds that we should be backing up our files, almost always more than we do, if it’s done at all. The most recent data I’ve seen is that a milestone was reached this year — when the threshold of 10% of users did a daily backup of their data. Well, that’a a long way from 100%! So when data gets lost, recovery can be a long shot.

And even when data is backed up on a somewhat regular or perhaps random basis, there is usually a big gap between backups. Also, there are files created between backups that have never been backed up. Or files that have been modified and not backed up.

In any one of numerous scenarios, there is an opportunity for the big “Whoops!” moment. A file is deleted and you can’t get it back. Or even worse, an entire folder. Pictures and videos that can never be replaced. That report you’ve been working on that is now gone. The prospects can be grim, and that feeling in your stomach is usually worse.

Enter PerfectFileRecovery, Raxco Software’s latest offering for consumers and small offices. With PerfectFileRecovery. you can quickly and easily recover deleted files from various Windows digital storage media, including PC hard drives, digital cameras, iPods, USB devices, memory sticks, floppy disks, smart phones, virtual drives (i.e., VMware), etc.

PerfectFileRecovery has a unique advanced File Discovery™ capability that automatically scans your PC drives, devices and memory cards to find files that are essentially invisible to other file recovery programs. File Discovery finds traces of a file (file signatures) that may be scattered across your drive, even in instances where the file name no longer exists.

And there’s another exclusive — LiveView™. What’s the point of a file recovery program if it can’t find the right files? With PerfectFileRecovery, you can make sure the files that are found are the actual files you’re looking for with LiveView™, which displays previews of lost files prior to recovering them.  You can even watch videos and listen to music files in preview mode before they are recovered.

There’s more. And you’ll find out about it all real soon.

PerfectFileRecovery  — coming next week.

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  1. Well I’m currently using Active@Undelete (Licensed) which is able to find lost partitions & files. It’s also able to image the entire disk (including memory cards) to do offlines analysis & recovery. It can also find lost file fragments.

    The new feature sets looks interesting especially LiveView. So long as PerfectFileRecovery can recovery every type of file & not just a subset, I’ll try it next week. 8)

    My Active@Undelete is old & not updatable anymore.

    1. Hi Eric,

      Thanks for your comment.

      They are very different products. If a user loses their data, the Undelete product MUST ALWAYS be installed BEFORE the data is lost. PerfectFileRecovery can be installed AFTER the data is lost.

      Undelete in essence provides a secondary recycle bin, so if the recycle bin is emptied, the user can “possibly” still recover the file from the “Undelete” recycle bin. This secondary recycle bin can become full over time so the admin will purge this periodically, so if a user deletes a file and it has already been purged from the recycle bin, then Undelete will not be able to get it back. PerfectFileRecovery will however scan the disk for the users deleted file and recover any trace of the lost or deleted file.


      1. Hey Joe, I’m talking about this.

        I have an older version but it doesn’t have to be installed beforehand. I use it mainly to recover deleted files from Memory cards but the SDcard support is not very good & the deleted file preview is broken. The software is also not very intuitive so I’ve been looking for a replacement for many years.

        PerfectFileRecovery looks like a direct competitor of the above product. I’d like to check it out & maybe purchase a license, just in case. 😉

        1. Hi Eric,

          My bad, sorry — I was thinking the wrong product. As you correctly state, the product you are using can be installed after a file is deleted. Naturally, we think our solution is far superior…:) In particular, compared to it, we think our screens our less cluttered, and we have better scan results and much better preview capabilities. But as always, we would say don’t take our word for it, give it a try, for free. Thanks.