Shrink a Partition in Windows 7

Sylvain Weiller is a retired computer engineer who lives in France. He set out for what he thought was a simple task — to fully shrink a Windows 7 (x64) partition. He believed he had a lot of space to gain — by shrinking. He tried several commercial tools and various freeware solutions, all to no avail. Then he found a solution that worked.

As he told me, “I tried PerfectDisk 12.5 Pro and it was the only software among many commercial & popular other ones (even when doing with their multi-pass defragmentation and boot-time defragmentation) which permitted me to fully shrink a Windows 7 (x64) partition. And it was by about 100GBs ! All the other attempts, prior to using PerfectDisk, including some manual interventions (like eliminating recovery functions and virtual memory), were unsuccessful. Of course, the shrinking was done afterwards by the standard Windows 7 disk manager.”

Need to shrink a partition? Use PerfectDisk for the most efficient way possible.

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  1. I also just wanted to shrink a partition but could not get more space then 5100 bytes! I deleted the partition (after backing up the files ofcourse) and made a new partition the size I wanted, to bad I reed this post right know, would have saved me some time… I did not know about PerfectDisk.