Announcing PerfectFileRecovery to restore deleted files other tools can’t

PerfectFileRecovery is here!

Our latest offering allows you to recover deleted files from various Windows digital storage media, including PC hard drives, digital cameras, iPods, USB devices, memory sticks, floppy disks, smart phones, virtual drives (i.e., VMware), etc.

PerfectFileRecovery’s exclusive advanced File Discovery™ automatically scans your PC drives, devices and memory cards to find files that are essentially invisible to other file recovery programs. File Discovery finds traces of a file (file signatures) that may be scattered across your drive, even in instances where the file name no longer exists.

Exclusive LiveView displays previews of lost files prior to recovering them.  PerfectFileRecovery offers three file preview modes to view a deleted file for free prior to its recovery. LiveView even allows files to be previewed and selected for recovery during an active drive scan: Image, Text and Hex. LiveView previews most file types, including Microsoft Office files, text files, image files (including digital photos), PDF files and zipped files (content summary). LiveView automatically defaults to the appropriate preview type for each file.

It’s all here in PerfectFileRecovery:

  • Free Scan for Deleted Files
  • Fast recovery of deleted files & folders
  • Finds deleted files most programs miss
  • Displays content previews of deleted files
  • Plays music & video files in preview mode
  • Recovers files & photos with lost file names
  • Backs up hard drive, boot & file system data.

PerfectFileRecovery is here — go!

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  1. The above mentioned software Perfect file recovery is good. But can I know how many files types can this software recover?

    When I face any file loss situation from my Windows OS. I use Yodot file recovery software to recover my deleted files back. This utility recovers lost / deleted file from both FAT and NTFS file systems. Discovers and helps recovery of files of more than 300 different file types.

    1. Hi Renita,

      Thanks for considering PerfectFileRecovery (PFR).

      There is no limit on the number of scan types that PFR will scan for. If it is on the disk, then PFR will find it. If you are referring to how many different file signature types does it search for… then there are hundreds. We just downloaded the product you mentioned did a quick compare – When we went to scan with that product, it said that it will scan for up to 126 file types? We know there are many more than 126 different types of file out there.

      Other observations.

      i. Previews. The software you mention does not preview common file types. We tried to get it to preview a Word doc and it said it is not supported. PFR previewed the very same file that this product wouldn’t.

      ii. Installation. PFR does not need to be installed and only needs about 1 MB of disk space. This product needs to be installed, is 18MB in size and requires approx 50 MB of disk space. If your lost file is deleted in that area of the disk, it will overwrite it with their large footprint and it’s gone.

      iii. The product you mention requires that you disable User Account Control to install it. We believe that is a major security risk. PFR does not need to be disabled.

      iv. Corrupt drives – This is a big one as it is a common occurence. If your drive is corrupt, then PFR will recognize the drive and recover ALL of the files from it. This product does NOT even recognize a corrupt drive.

      v. Deleted Partitions – PFR will allow you to scan freespace on the disk for lost files (i.e. where a deleted partition was located). The other product does not allow you to scan for files on deleted partitions.

      vi. Viewing files – You can view files by folder with their product. With PFR, you can view files by type, thumbnail and folder.

      That’s our quick view of the product you mention.